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Nell Azathoth Tull

ABXP: A Bloodier eXPerience

Concept: “An all new way to level up your Mork Borg characters by earning Experience points and spending them directly on improving your character how you want, inspired by the Vampire the Masquerade system.”
Content: Xp award and expenditure rules. Undead or goblin curse mechanics. A bloody sanguimancer.
Writing: Just the mechanics. A reliable reference sheet for use at the table.
Art/design: A satisfying blend of art and utility with characterful illustration and a flexible layout. 
Usability: Textured and illustrated but easy to print. A format suitable for front-to-back or full landscape printing. 

Babalon's Hangover 2

23 contributors
Concept: “A bestiary brimmed with 105 pages, 42+ Occult monsters, including Esoteric scriptures to die for, and Hopeless dungeons to die even more for.”
Content: Monsters and scriptures and dungeons, Oh my!
Writing: Text ranges from bloviated to concise; brisk to simple. But it is reliably miserable.
Art/design: A menagerie of styles as creative and varied as the community which spawned them.
Usability: Divided in three sections with a full index to aid navigation. Entries of varied accessibility and ease of reference at your table. 

Beast from the Lightless Depths

“Long ago your kind had formed an ancient peace treaty with those from the lightless depths vowing never to step foot in each other's domain again. One such behemoth, the Beast, has now broken this treaty.”

Carnivorous Flora

Concept: “Happy Early Equinox, I got you some flowers!”
Content: These flowers take the concept of edible arrangement to a new level.
Writing: Much less confusing than I feel around this alluring plant.
Art/design: Like a carnivorous plant sent me a postcard.
Usability: Somewhere between murderous chia pet and edible arrangement. 

D66 Grotesque People

12 contributors
Concept: “What do they want? And ... What might they have?” 
Content: A collection of unfortunate souls to probably stab.
Writing: Makes wonderfully clever use of the “Who... Wants... Has...” npc format. 
Art/design: A filthy riot of design. But it quickly establishes structure. 
Usability: As fvcking inspiration. 

Death Notary

Concept: “Grim Shadows slink into our world to steal the remaining years from unsuspecting mortals by use of their ominous Black Journals... you now possess this deadly notebook.”
Content: A Death Notary class and a Grim Shadow monster.
Writing: A fitting fan tribute to its source full of references and inspiration from the manga. 
Art/design: Morbid purple highlights over black and white illustrations and dense white text. 
Usability: Legible text in a stylized, but navigable layout. 

Frozen Kingdom of the Furnace Mizer

“Climb up to the snow buried Kingdom of the Furnace Mizer where the strange smoke billows out from forgotten steeples.”

FÖLK-LORE: Rendezvous & Romps

36 contributors
Concept: “What happens when the lore of our world collides with the Dying World of MÖRK BORG?”
The second volume of collected FÖLK-LORE Jam entries
Varies by author, see individual entries under the FÖLK-LORE Jam tag
Varies by entry; single-page entries are well balanced in spreads
Usability: Varies by entry, but it’s all Mörk Borg—how tough could it be?

Grappleoid TERRORS

Concept: “An eight page bestiary featuring a multi-stage creature based on those from [the first three] TREMORS movies”
Content: Stats and lifecycle of The Grappleoid. 
Writing: Detailed passive and special abilities reproduce cinematic encounters.
Art/design: Multi-textured and layered design with hand-drawn grappeloid illustrations.
Usability: Also compatible with CY_Borg 

Keep of the Crow Witch

“In the Village of Welltig, built atop the ruined Easod Keep, lives the Crow Witch in her tall Aviary swirling with crows.”

let them eat BUGS

“‘Well if they’re so bloody fucking hungry…  LET THEM EAT BUGS!’
• Marie-Claire Delcroix, Allians noble (deceased)” 
Content: 5,800 possible bugs, and what happens when you eat them.
Writing: Entire mechanics for catching and eating bugs. With a veritable hive of crunchy, protein-rich tables.
Art/design: Juicy grubs and grinning goblins splatter this neon green sensory experience.
Usability: Organized, legible, but intentionally antagonistic. 

Lilith's Biblia Blasphemia

Concept: “Inspired by Nurse With Wound's album Soliloquy for Lilith”
Content: “Six otherworldly abominable creatures to kill and maim your player's characters”
Stat blocks and copious descriptive text for entries
Features full-page illustrations for each
Special abilities are a bit more elaborate than Mörk Borg’s baseline

Martolea, Tuesday’s Demon

Concept: “Tuesday’s Demon rambles into desolate villages from its den high in the mountains only after a grisly tragedy has occurred on a Tuesday.”
A bizarre, subversive, brutal beast and  a simmering, horror-themed investigation spanning a few days in a seemingly quiet town
Includes a standard stat block as well as additional attributes and an overview of the monster’s MO; the adventure balances subtle tension and intrigue with moments of overt violence and gore
  Graphic design aids in navigating the adventure; illustrations add lots of creepy visual character
  Includes a town map and an appendix of character sketches for quick reference

Mork Bong

Concept: “You smoke the pungent fumes (20s) produced by the unholy Devil Weed
Content: A sticker for your herbmaster’s favorite glassware.   
Writing: Stat it if you’ve got it?
Art/design: 3” of round sticker.
Usability: Use it wisely. 
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