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Babalon's Hangover 2

23 contributors
Concept: “A bestiary brimmed with 105 pages, 42+ Occult monsters, including Esoteric scriptures to die for, and Hopeless dungeons to die even more for.”
Content: Monsters and scriptures and dungeons, Oh my!
Writing: Text ranges from bloviated to concise; brisk to simple. But it is reliably miserable.
Art/design: A menagerie of styles as creative and varied as the community which spawned them.
Usability: Divided in three sections with a full index to aid navigation. Entries of varied accessibility and ease of reference at your table. 

Black Bvrn Bridge

Concept: “The box broke inside the [ogre’s] stomach […] covering the Bridge in a cube of anti-light.”
Includes an inventive adventure-specific condition
Provides context and important details about the scenario
Subdued but effective colors; concise but atmospheric map
Logically and linearly laid out

Dogo and Dream

Concept: “Two new monsters for Mörk Borg.”
The Doomsayer Dogo and the Eternal Dreamer in Metal Husk
Tone and imagery are pretty grim even by Mörk Borg standards
Economical layouts and design with evocatively brooding illustrations
Highly lethal with a significant chance of Misery

Dread Nights

6 contributors
Concept: “Honest work for those with a death wish, a lack of fear, or just desperate enough to do anything.” 
Content: A standalone gaslamp era gothic horror expansion for Forbidden Psalm, including 15 creatures of the night, infections, and a gothic horror themed campaign of grisly nocturnal scenarios.
Writing: Familiar horror tales stalk just beyond the illumination provided by clear mechanics and crisp scenarios.
Art/design: An elegantly restrained palette of red, black, and white. Shadowed by macabre illustrations in a variety of styles.
Usability: Clear index, reliable sections, quick reference, roster sheets, and consistent formatting make it a utilitarian wargaming rulebook. 

Faces for a Dying Land

VTT tokens for characters and/or NPCs

Fistful of Creeps

Concept: Five classic RPG monsters with Mörk Borg twists
Stat blocks, descriptive text, and original art
Provides quick overviews of each monster
Excellent monochrome portraits
Lines demarcate entries and connect them with illustrations 

Horrible Wounds


Concept: “Alternative death/ broken mechanics for Mörk Borg, including a simple way to deal with ‘sanity damage.’”
Includes wound types and categories, conditions, and rules for healing
Straightforward instructions with vivid (and occasionally humorous) descriptions of wounds
Poster version includes more visual flourish while print version is more visually conservative and economical
Printable version sacrifices visual character for easier readability on standard paper

Momentary Respite

Concept: “Camping rules for Mörk Borg...  Also, it's a poster.”
Content: Miserable camping mechanics to end your days.
Writing: A merciless nightly torture device with conditions to ratchet up the misery until the end.
Art/design: Relentless neon pink guides you across the text, with a comic strip to remind you that camping won't save you from the apocalypse.
Usability: Re-structures many non-combat mechanics in Mörk Borg. 

The Rat Saint

Concept: “Priests that fall (or get thrown) down the Galgenbeck sewers quckly find a new fervorous congregation.” 
Content: A patron saint of rats.
Writing: The mechanics for desperately crushing a burgeoning horde of rats feel novel and evocative.
Art/design: An absolutely filthy and emaciated priest plays literal host to his congregation.
Usability: Rats as area-of-effect damage. MNice! 

The Thingamajig

Concept: “You will find it... it will take it all.”
Content: A Thingamajig
Writing: A simple organic reproduction of a violently transformational movie.
Art/design: A fluid rendition of the flesh. With clinically rotated text.
Usability: Insert for instant body horror and suspicion. 
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