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Forbidden Psalm

A Dead Festival

“A miniatures game expansion of death, zombies, things from space and evil trees”

A Dead Festival 2

Concept: “A miniatures game expansion of death, werewolves, things from the mists.”
Content: 3 new spooky scenarios & monsters for Forbidden Psalm
Writing: Emblematic of horror classics, with enough variety in scenarios to keep gameplay interesting.
Art/design: A mixture of public domain images and hand illustration enhanced with clean and consistent design with just the right amount of flair.
Usability: Clean, legible, and fun. 


Concept: “bearer of blights, plague herald, from your foul presence deliver us.” 
Content: A divine infection for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: A fly infested, disease injecting angel. 
Art/design: Found/generated images of distorted and chitinous forms, with text creeping across their surfaces.
Usability: Can potentially become a scroll. 

Apocryphal Trinity

Concept: “In search of hope, in a desperate cry for help, always greater evils are the first to answer... Never pray for deliverance, in times of torment” 
Content: A trio of unknowable gods, brought low for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: Powerful and game-altering entities that impact or produce entire scenarios.
Art/design: A kaleidoscope of overlayed images and patterns, with text intermingling with the images in hostile and alien configurations.
Usability: Again, aggressively toying with the concept of legibility. It’s not unreadable, but you may have to work for parts of it. 


Concept: “Melancholy is a jealous and sadistic mistress. Always eager to grasp on thou, until there is no end.” 
Content: A rapidly manifesting depression.
Writing: Clinging and oppressive in flavor and mechanics.
Art/design: A faceless and coarsely generated figure.
Usability: Designed for Forbidden Psalm 

Crawling Cauldron

Concept: “Sigil of the pact, shackle with invisible chains, cursed contraption parodying life.”
Content: A walking, talking, stewing cauldron.
Writing: Special abilities make it a mysterious potion delivery service.
Art/design: High contrast color combos and collage imagery make for an engaging visual appeal.
Usability: Think tormented delivery robot, but for potions. You’ll get it.

Dead Festival 3

Concept: “A hallowed night has come” 
Content: “A Forbidden Psalm and Last War Annual mini-expansion for the spookiest of months”
Writing: Understated official briefings on four harrowing subterranean misadventures and a desperate last stand against the dark.
Art/design: Found documents and strangely doctored battlefield illustrations and photographs.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm core rules or The Last War variant. 

Dead God’s Prophet for Forbidden Psalm

Concept: “‘I have seen the gods once... when they were recklessly trying to kill each other’”
Content: A rambling religious scvm to add to your Forbidden Psalm warband.
Writing: A simple and largely un-sophistic in its babble
Art/design: Clustered text surrounds the scene of an eager prophet, mid-sacrifice.
Usability: Slightly incoherent.


Concept: “An ill Omen, or perhaps merely a consequence... 
The bad news never come alone, and this thing is the herald of doom.” 
Content: A dark horse, leaving famine in its wake.
Writing: Mechanics that leave your scvm violently hungry.
Art/design: A series of tortured image-generated horses.
Usability: Bordered text over illustrations may hinder legibility. Designed for Forbidden Psalm 

Dread Nights

6 contributors
Concept: “Honest work for those with a death wish, a lack of fear, or just desperate enough to do anything.” 
Content: A standalone gaslamp era gothic horror expansion for Forbidden Psalm, including 15 creatures of the night, infections, and a gothic horror themed campaign of grisly nocturnal scenarios.
Writing: Familiar horror tales stalk just beyond the illumination provided by clear mechanics and crisp scenarios.
Art/design: An elegantly restrained palette of red, black, and white. Shadowed by macabre illustrations in a variety of styles.
Usability: Clear index, reliable sections, quick reference, roster sheets, and consistent formatting make it a utilitarian wargaming rulebook. 

Dungeons and Death

“In the dark corners of an inn called Discord, tall tales of horrific places were told: caves made from the skulls of giants, statues to long-dead gods, and a pie shop where the meat is indeed murder. Do you dare plunder the depths of such wicked places?”


Concept: “‘Then, i was lost in madness and servitude of the abomination, merely existing, becoming one of them...’ 
-Last shrieking of Monseigneur inquisitor Mattheulomew the cruel, before mutating into a fobophage.”
Content: Mind-controlling body-snatching brain parasites for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: A simple and largely un-sophistic in its babble
Art/design: A heavy collage of tentacles and brains over preserved manuscripts. Text elements seem intentionally obfuscated with existing text and illustrations.
Usability: Just usable enough. 

Forbidden Psalm

Concept: “Vriprix the Mad Wizard bids the desperate, brave and foolish to venture into the ruins of Kergus. He seeks the forbidden psalm.”
A full, stand-alone 28mm wargame based on (and compatible with) Mörk Borg
There’s a lot of it—which is necessary for a tactics game—but it’s straightforward and clear in its exposition
A balance of familiar graphic and typographic maneuvers balanced with the technical clarity and readability demanded by a more complex system
A more methodical, strategically oriented game, but a good fit for fans of wargames and Mörk Borg

Forbidden Psalm Character Cards

Concept: “Tiny MÖRK BORG character sheets for use in Forbidden Psalm”  
Content: Two pages of 8 compact character sheets with a little warband log.
Writing: Just the basics. With lots of room to write.
Art/Design: Memorable icons provide a shorthand for the most commonly modified stats—stylish and functional design.
Usability: “(although I've used them for MÖRK BORG as well)” 

Forbidden Psalm: A Gloomy Day

Concept: “Across the Chemical Wastes comes a collaboration soaked in mud and choking from gas... a collection of 3 Scenarios, new monsters, and weapons”
Content: Three scenarios, two mercenaries, two weapons, and a monstrous plague for Forbidden Psalm.
Writing: Narrative scenarios raise the stakes to a foreboding conclusion. 
Art/design: Muted, desperate, and grim. Earns its titular gloom.
Usability: Varied, stylized, but legible design. 
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