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Acceptable Casualties

Concept: “Who knows why we're fighting anymore?” 
Content: Rules for WWMörk casualties to live by.
Writing: A dry, technical, and familiar gallows humor reminds us war (and bureaucracy) never dies.
Art/design: The unmoving efficiency of bureaucracy meets the soft tissue of the casualties it consumes.
Usability: Plain text organized by the alphanumeric keys of an old technical manual. 

Blackpowder Basics

Concept: “Unleash havoc with this set of rules featuring devastating blackpowder weaponry.”
Includes rules for historic firearms, blackpowder mishaps, and a gun-toting character class
Clear delivery of more-complicated-than-average weapon mechanics
On-brand use of color, type, and visual arrangements
Well laid out in discrete sections and easy to navigate

Blackpowder Weapons for the Rich and Foolhardy

Concept: “Expensive, exotic, and very loud”
A variety of firearms, ammunition, and special rules for using them
Concise general and item-specific mechanics
Uses the illustration and ground to differentiate general mechanics and categories of arms
It’s a spiked arquebus blast to the face!


Concept: “No one remembers Blunderbuss’s original name. Everyone knows how it got its new one.”
A trigger-happy township with some heavy-duty arms
Provides some context for the encounter and mechanics for getting shot by a blunderbuss
Art/design: Good use of color and form to pick out significant information
Provides the basics and leaves lots of room for the GM to make it their own

Convoke What Doom Ye Angels Hath Wrought!

Concept: “A wild ride through desolation and back again.”
Content: Hellish machinations and their pilots, Angels of Sin and sigils carved in flesh, adventures in “the broken earth”.
Writing: Apocalyptic in both scope and tone. Sweeping. Violent. Occasionally biblical.
Art/design: A frenetic collage style recontextualizes public domain imagery into a tortured reality. Rules organized in a distressed newspaper layout.
Usability: Stylized language may require the occasional divine inspiration.

Cursed Gunslinger

Concept: “A hellish weapon has come into your possession. Others will try to kill you for it. That's okay...that's exactly what the weapons wants. For them to try.”
Content: A cursed six-shooter and plausible deniability.
Writing: A devilish spin on a western trope.
Art/design: Man, Beast, and Gun clash in subtly colored lithographic print. 
Usability: A clean, color-matched, and legible design. 

Dead Festival 3

Concept: “A hallowed night has come” 
Content: “A Forbidden Psalm and Last War Annual mini-expansion for the spookiest of months”
Writing: Understated official briefings on four harrowing subterranean misadventures and a desperate last stand against the dark.
Art/design: Found documents and strangely doctored battlefield illustrations and photographs.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm core rules or The Last War variant. 

Doorway to Blasphemy

Concept: “In the heart of the filthy marshes, you have come upon a keep overgrown and pulsing with an aura not of this Dying World. The heathen has surely taken refuge in this ruin. You’ll find them through the Doorway to Blasphemy.”
Content: A Mörk Borg adventure and Slipgate into the world of Qvke Borg
Writing: Efficiently describes the many dynamic environmental effects and triggers the define Quake level design in text.
Art/design: Sickeningly detailed map with bold colors that emulate classic Quake texture. Clean text layout with efficient sidebars for each room.
Usability: Surprisingly self-contained, only the explosive rules require Qvke Borg to run. Excellent preview to the full Qvke Borg experience. 

Dread Nights

6 contributors
Concept: “Honest work for those with a death wish, a lack of fear, or just desperate enough to do anything.” 
Content: A standalone gaslamp era gothic horror expansion for Forbidden Psalm, including 15 creatures of the night, infections, and a gothic horror themed campaign of grisly nocturnal scenarios.
Writing: Familiar horror tales stalk just beyond the illumination provided by clear mechanics and crisp scenarios.
Art/design: An elegantly restrained palette of red, black, and white. Shadowed by macabre illustrations in a variety of styles.
Usability: Clear index, reliable sections, quick reference, roster sheets, and consistent formatting make it a utilitarian wargaming rulebook. 


Concept: “Mankind sucks in their last breath in soot-poisoned lungs... progress does march on, if only as some trick of fate to keep humanity hopeful in the jaws of the apocalypse.” 
Content: An industrialized apocalypse. Full of soot, powder, ordnance cults, and demons.
Writing: A miserable reflection on industrialization, forged by the dying world.
Art/design: Neon yellow illustration muted with gray soot and black text.
Usability: Loosely regulated but within tolerances. 

For the Rich & Foolhardy

Concept: “Enjoy this dungeon I made in a few hours”
Content: A siege beast scrap-crawl.
Writing: A direct and accessible style with thematic core mechanics.
 Art/design: Gritty maps, illustrations, and script that blend smoothly
Usability: Elongated text may hinder reading. Siege Beast included in Powderburned Scoundrel.

GVix’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Phantasmagoric Entries

Concept: "31 Phantasmagoric Entries”
Content: “A compilation of all my postcard-entries for Exeunt Press' MÖRKTOBER challenge”
Writing: An impish collection of grisly gifts, ghastly guests, and grim tables for rules and quests.
Art/design: Heavy-bordered postcards of inked and crosshatched illustrations in an array of bright uniform colors.
Usability: Available in individual postcard PDF, or advertisement spread png. 


Concept: “The Great and final war that still rages between the vampire lords and hell itself... Hated by all. You are slaves to the abyss or escaped deserters searching for a life and purpose, if these can be found in this dying world.” 
Content: A trench fighting, organ grafting, hell of a war. A complete setting and ruleset, you just need to survive it.
Writing: Bleak, bombastic, and apocalyptic. Bursting with the kind of body horror which blurs the line between man and machine.
Art/design: The tortured linework of characters invoke a hellish atmosphere in just a few spare illustrations.
Usability: Self-contained and accessible plaintext. Available in Swedish and English. 

Last War: Bacon.Cabin.Magic

Concept: “hush-hush” 
Content: Special Mission. Bacon.Cabin.Magic, mercenaries, secret weapons, bunker comforts, things to do with flares.
Writing: The absurdity of war, and of secrets valued above human life, decontextualized.
Art/design: Edited photographs and near-watercolor renditions of the trenches in a unifying palette.
Usability: Designed for Forbidden Psalm: The Last War. 

Last War: High.Devil.Iron.Horse.

Concept: “New content for scavengers of the endless trenches of Forbidden Psalm: The Last War” 
Content: Manuscripts, weapon mods, bayonets (and how to use them), four commanding mercenaries, and one hell of a train. 
Writing: Concise, orderly, and at times bizarre. Like the bureaucratic anarchy of war.
Art/design: Thomas the Tank Engine never looked so mean.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm: The Last War 
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