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Last War: High.Devil.Iron.Horse.

Concept: “New content for scavengers of the endless trenches of Forbidden Psalm: The Last War” 
Content: Manuscripts, weapon mods, bayonets (and how to use them), four commanding mercenaries, and one hell of a train. 
Writing: Concise, orderly, and at times bizarre. Like the bureaucratic anarchy of war.
Art/design: Thomas the Tank Engine never looked so mean.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm: The Last War 


Concept: “Time for a new car that's completely compatible with MÖRK BORG. The... Miserymobile?”
Content: Conversation about a broke ass Mazda 6 cum rules.
Writing: Mechanics that live up to the name.
Art/design: Don’t waste your silver.
Usability: Contains exploding dice. 

Plague Cart Freeloader and Rot-Riding Roadrager

Concept: “The world may be ending, but you’re enjoying the ride… and running over anyone who gets in your way of the finish line.” “You were thrown on the plague cart in what was thought to be your time of death... now enjoy the benefits of being a nearly dead (but not quite) and a free ride.”
Content: A horse driver and cart-bound companion.
Writing: Reckless cart-borne destruction and reluctant cart-bound survival. A buddy comedy.
Art/design: The balanced humors of our choleric roadrager and our sanguine freeloader could not be illustrated more clearly.
Usability: An insufferable pair of pdfs, use them wisely.  

Wandering Duelist

Concept: “A seemingly normal man poorly dressed pulling a cart full of severed heads”
Content: See Concept.
Writing: Unexpectedly cursed, in the best way.
Art/design: Yellow, Black. Lovely sketch of a pitiful scvm with a broken cart.
Usability: It goes right when it all goes horribly wrong. 
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