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Tyler Joseph Rossi

Angelic Punching Bag

Concept: “No one prays to angelic powers anymore - and the heavenly host is pissed.”
Content: A living speedbag dangling toward the heavens.
Writing: The angels are named like members of a wrestling tag team.
Art/design: Beatdown provided in yellow and pink. Text on angelic white.
Usability: For the masochist in every scvm, and the sadist in every scvm driver. 

Displaced Monarch

Concept: “As the sea took your kingdom, it devoured the world’s memory of the place… You’ll join that corpse soon enough. But not today.”
Content: A kingly emissary of the hungry depths.
Writing: Tragic and tantalizing. Mortality and mystery, conveyed in equal measure.
Art/design: A menacing echo of a monarch vibrates from the spread, as white text emerges from the depths.
Usability: You won’t drown in it, yet.  

Hand of the King

Concept: “Tradition dictates that you nail a HAND of the previous monarch to your clock, or even your body.”
Content: A right-hand scvm who still wears (and wields) the authority of their dead liege.
Writing: A gripping collection hands, puns, and references. Sure to leave your fingers itching for more.
Art/design: The yellowing right hand of the king, bloodily pinned to the advisor. Pink and blue linework contrast the hard black textbox.
Usability: Give yourself a pat on the back and decide where the Kings of Treel live. 

Monster Chow

Concept: “When you took the assistant position for a local monster tamer you had no idea what you were getting into...”
Content: Dinner and a show.
Writing: Less animal companion. More animal’s companion.
Art/design: A monster and tamer, sharing some face time next to the stylized class text.
Usability: Available in pdf or png format. Don’t forget to pack plenty of food. 

one doomed by SHE

Concept: “The end shall come swifter now. Yea, THE WORLD SHALL BLACKEN AND BURN - and you are lighting matches.” 
Content: Proud owner of a venomous little deception, and a curse.
Writing: A small admission that the Basilisk problem is larger than it at first appeared.
Art/design: Fun with a serious print. Very much pink, a little blue, definitely some black, mandatory yellow, hint of white. 
Usability: Organized and engaging. Get ready to cause some Misery. 

Plague Cart Freeloader and Rot-Riding Roadrager

Concept: “The world may be ending, but you’re enjoying the ride… and running over anyone who gets in your way of the finish line.” “You were thrown on the plague cart in what was thought to be your time of death... now enjoy the benefits of being a nearly dead (but not quite) and a free ride.”
Content: A horse driver and cart-bound companion.
Writing: Reckless cart-borne destruction and reluctant cart-bound survival. A buddy comedy.
Art/design: The balanced humors of our choleric roadrager and our sanguine freeloader could not be illustrated more clearly.
Usability: An insufferable pair of pdfs, use them wisely.  
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