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Concept: “Children keep disappearing in the forest. But no one dares to visit the abandoned ruin, which juts out of a clearing like a rotten tooth. Whoever crosses the threshold is confronted with a force that scares even the Inquisition. Everything is alive.”
Content: A basilisk-bonding, child-abducting, palace of a flesh crawl.
Writing: A full-bodied blend of humor and horror that spares no raw material.
Art/design: A well-built manor of an adventure design, with tormented sketches, and fleshy full-color illustrations.
Usability: Easily referenced adventure design. A follow-up to Den of Disarray. 

Displaced Monarch

Concept: “As the sea took your kingdom, it devoured the world’s memory of the place… You’ll join that corpse soon enough. But not today.”
Content: A kingly emissary of the hungry depths.
Writing: Tragic and tantalizing. Mortality and mystery, conveyed in equal measure.
Art/design: A menacing echo of a monarch vibrates from the spread, as white text emerges from the depths.
Usability: You won’t drown in it, yet.  


Concept: “To delay the inevitable Miseries, you must survive the dangers of FLESHEN CHRYPT!”
Content: A flesh fueled tome crawl.
Writing: An instructive, condensed slurry of fleshy flavor.
Art/design: At once mildly grotesque, and comically irreverent. 
Usability: Uncrowded design and visual cues make for a highly functional 1-page dungeon. 


Concept: “Goblins have been more aggressive than usual lately... these goblins have strange fungal growths... whoever gets to the bottom of this will be greatly rewarded...” 
Content: A goblin swarming, fungus snorting, den crawl.
Writing: Deep absurdity delivered in gloriously understated frankness.
Art/design: Structured design, clear iconography, and magenta highlights stimulate and satisfy the reader.
Usability: Designed with goblins in mind. 

Mörk Borg Paper Minis

Concept: “Paper miniatures, perfect for your next MÖRK BORG campaign!”
Content: Goblin, lich, skeleton, and scvm. With potential for more.
Writing: n/a
Art/design: Representative, uniformly scaled, heavily inked, and free-standing paper miniatures.
Usability: Some assembly required. Scissors helpful but not necessary.  


Concept: “Conversion rules for MÖRK BORG magic, weapons and enemies to Ironsworn!”
Content: Guidance on converting Mörk Borg content to the Ironsworn system.
Writing: Concrete conversion tables for several stats, as well as advice and guidance for special effects and less straightforward translations.
Art/design: Well-organized plain text document.
Usability: Clear conversion tables, instructions, and examples for clarification. 


Concept: “Rotate, skew, transform them! Do whatever the fuck you want” 
Content: 68 modular png illustrations to combine into horrifying abominations.
Writing: It’s full of pictures, what do you expect?
Art/design: Nuanced line weight, consistent style, and careful borders make for an excellent compilation experience.
Usability: Stuffed disturbingly close together in a .zip file format. 

Pocket Scvm

Concept: “A mini MÖRK BORG character journal, perfect for doomed scvm.”
Content: A foldable pocket-sized scvm sheet.
Writing: Functional character sheet elements which optimize the limited space.
Art/design: A clean compact character sheet design.
Usability: Printer instructions on the storefront for ease of use. 

Solitary Depths

Concept: “an expansion to Sölitary Defilement, a solo supplement for MÖRK BORG!”
Content: A Mörk Borg tailored oracle, region-specific mechanics, rare monster generation, traps, adjustable difficulty settings, and more...
Writing: Efficient and flexible, both mechanically and thematically. With a gorgeously miserable rare monster generator.
Art/design: Considered design elements with some delightfully grimy (and printer-friendly) surprises.
Usability: A legible, referenceable, and well-structured working document. Requires playing cards or equivalent.

Sölitary Crawl

Concept: “Adjust the DR, and start crawling!”
Content: An online dungeon map generator for games of Solitary Defilement or Basilisk!
Writing: Concise room prompts with adjectives, type, and contents for solo play.  Automated random encounter rolls are provided.
Art/design:  Simple and effective yellow map on black background, with clear visual aids for special room encounters.
Usability: Provides analog rules for Solitary Crawl. Appears optimized for Solitary Defilement mechanics, but is generally applicable to Mörk Borg. 
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