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Alternative Mörk Borg Compatible Logo

Concept: “People say they liked my handwriting so...”
Content: A Mörk Borg compatibility logo.
Writing: “Compatible with Mörk Borg”
Art/design: Sweeping and bold. Excellent handiwork.
Usability: Still not the legal text. 


“A short trip into a subarctic bog deep in the hinterlands”


6 contributors
Concept: “Children keep disappearing in the forest. But no one dares to visit the abandoned ruin, which juts out of a clearing like a rotten tooth. Whoever crosses the threshold is confronted with a force that scares even the Inquisition. Everything is alive.”
Content: A basilisk-bonding, child-abducting, palace of a flesh crawl.
Writing: A full-bodied blend of humor and horror that spares no raw material.
Art/design: A well-built manor of an adventure design, with tormented sketches, and fleshy full-color illustrations.
Usability: Easily referenced adventure design. A follow-up to Den of Disarray. 

Dracula Church

Concept: “There stands a time-lost tomb of tyrants languishing in a long-forgotten locale. Many things might draw you here, but only cunning, luck and skill will see you escape.”
Content: A blood-fueled techno-dracula cathedral crawl.
Writing: A heavily mechanized blood bath of downed draculas and archaic alliterations.
Art/design: Intentional blend of fantasy and sci-fi elements produce a unique visual style.
Usability: Fits wherever a cathedral airship could land. 

Green-Eyed Filth Goblin

Concept: “Our dear sweet Spicy passed away recently, and I'm Dealing With It, by analogizing her last years into a fantasy game monster because grief is weird. ”
Content: An utterly debilitating feline encounter.
Writing: A furry assault on a scvm’s ears, and immune system. There will be blood, but the fight may not be to the death.
Art/design: A fierce, confident, and territorial feline. With rules text scrawled by a yowl-stricken survivor.
Usability: A perfect critter to sneak underfoot. Can complicate existing encounters or debilitate overconfident scvm before running away. 

King of Broken Night

Concept: “Delve into the Halls of Droning Bone! Get lost in the Interstitial Tracts! Harvest the power of a localized solar phenomenon! Talk to a sentient slime mold! Wield the magic of effects pedals!
All these curiosities and more yet await in this crenelated and conjured cylinder.”
Content: A modular viscerolithic tower crawl of perpetual aspect.
Writing: Four luxuriously stylized tower floors with enough material to stand alone anywhere in the dying world, wrapped delicately in the glacial resolve of a wizard’s decadent solipsism.   
Art/design: N/A The tower is reconstituting itself and remains plain text… for now.
Usability: Can be consumed in a single grand adventure, or cracked open to pick away at as you please.

Monolith 1: Harvest

8 contributors
Concept: “A quarterly publication that focuses its cyclopean gaze on a single system with every issue”
Content: “A journey through dilapidated townsteads, rejuvenated fields and terrifying dungeons, with all the horrors you meet along the way”
Writing: The pedagogy of planting and population planning, and a forgotten temple to begotten basilisks, all aggressively annotated. 
Art/design: Darkly grotesque cultists, disturbed floral prints, cultured public domain illustrations, and colorful marginalia highlight the body text.
Usability: Organized, aside from a few intentionally frustrating almanac charts. But I’m sure you can manage those with a little old-fashioned spit and polish.

Monolith Fragment: Life on the Farm

Concept: “Is pastoral life getting you down? Tired of only fighting weeds?”
Content: “A Rural Adventure Generator”
Writing: Suitably rural, adequately absurd, full of farm equipment.
Art/design: A collection of simple, organized tables with tastefully home-spun spot prints.
Usability: Sow chaos with d6s.

Pernicious Pissant

Concept: “Who is this guy? He's out of control that's for sure. One more scum for the scumpile if you will.”
Content: Impotent rage embodied.
Writing: A hammer-blow to the illusion that rage is anything other than infantile privilege.
Art/design: Angry adolescent journal with a heavily graffitied classic illustration on concrete.
Usability: Easy to read when you aren’t seeing red.
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