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Strega Wolf van den Berg

Album Crawl

19 contributors
Concept: “A collection of deafening dungeons and auditory misadventures for MÖRK BORG.”
22 music-inspired settings and scenarios; many intriguing rules and foes; alternate Miseries; a whole spread of punishments for unruly dice
Variously fascinating and horrifying
Widely variegated but all nicely done
A couple atypical layouts that reward a bit of scrutiny and patience

Barber’s Guide to Humorism

Concept: “An experiment of King Fathmu IX gone wrong”
Rules for exploiting the power of bodily humors
Provides some brief lore but mostly dedicated to mechanics
Liberal layouts with a stylistic variety of public domain illustrations
The medical images child-organ-harvesting lore may be distressing for some players

Blood Sucker

Concept: “A Creature for MÖRK BORG.”
Content: A blood sucker. Obviously
Writing: Flavor saturating every last drop.
Art/design: Frightfully elegant characterization and design.
Usability: Simple and legible typeface choices. 


6 contributors
Concept: “Children keep disappearing in the forest. But no one dares to visit the abandoned ruin, which juts out of a clearing like a rotten tooth. Whoever crosses the threshold is confronted with a force that scares even the Inquisition. Everything is alive.”
Content: A basilisk-bonding, child-abducting, palace of a flesh crawl.
Writing: A full-bodied blend of humor and horror that spares no raw material.
Art/design: A well-built manor of an adventure design, with tormented sketches, and fleshy full-color illustrations.
Usability: Easily referenced adventure design. A follow-up to Den of Disarray. 

Child of Nechrubel

Concept: “The embodiment of Nechrubel’s darkness, here to enforce the ending of the World.”
An apocalypse-aligned class
Sets a bleak tone, but does so entertainingly
Highly appropriate Doré engraving; easily navigable thanks to typographic choices
All praise Yetsabu-Nech!


“A dream as they would be in MÖRK BORG. Or is it just a visit to CUBE VIOLET?”

d66 Descriptions of a new PC arriving

13 contributors
Concept: “Your friends MÖRK BORG character died again and you need a spicy event to introduce his new hero to the party? Then you are damn right here!”
Content: d66 ways to introduce a new Scvm to the dying world.
Writing: Like 13 people worked together to produce this cursed table.
Art/design: A skull spider draws the eye to this table's individual contributors. Tortured background images emphasize the text.
Usability: Interaction between visible elements and text occasionally diminishes legibility.

Flesh Alchemist

Concept: “Optimizing the body has a completely different meaning for you. By creating life from the dead, you have angered the Reaper. Death is now looking for you.”
Content: An alchemist of flesh.
Writing: A medical treatise on both short- and long-term body modification.
Art/design: A towering mass of gore looms beside cleanly sutured columns of text.
Usability: Cleanly stitched text makes for easy reference. 


Concept: “At the outer edge and beyond lies ASKA […] In the inner circle lies the Sea […] In the centre lies the City”
A sketch of a region and its inhabitants
A paragraph devoted to each area; multi-sensory descriptions of each
Typographically differentiates each area and foregrounds its name; text superimposed over a ground of tormented masses
No mechanics, but a good resource for GMs seeking a starting point for their own imaginings


Concept: “There is nothing but the City.”
A complete, setting-centric RPG based on the Mörk Borg system
Well written with a consistently bleak and visceral tone. (Did you expect anything less?)
Fairly traditional graphic design and layout with illustrations that support the theme well
Verbally and visually graphic in some places


Concept: “Your deathmarks will never heal again. But you can get revenge. Murder the rat. Murder them all.”
A vengeful pagan-inspired class with tables for deathmarks and abilities
  Provides lots of character and backstory in a smaller space than other classes
Text design gives the impression of mental turbulence and motivated madness
Character motivation is tied more intimately to backstory than some other classes

Og Magog's Pig Farm

Concept: “A story based on Xiu Xiu lyrics and my life story”
A narrative with two branch points and many unfortunate branches
Heavy on pathos with visceral and darkly surrealistic imagery
Uses various typefaces for visual emphasis and illustrations that lend emotive effect
“Beware, this thing is heavy and has a lot of content warnings. It's about abuse.”

Tergol’s Circus

“This thing isn't really meant to be a game. It's me processing trauma again.”
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