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False Dusk

Concept: “The pig must be alive while the spell is cast. The pig explodes after the spell is cast.”
A scroll that summons darkness and feral pigs
Mostly descriptive with a few mechanical components
Typography and layout differentiate sequential elements; also includes a piggy
Intuitive, with some potentially entertaining applications

Og Magog's Pig Farm

Concept: “A story based on Xiu Xiu lyrics and my life story”
A narrative with two branch points and many unfortunate branches
Heavy on pathos with visceral and darkly surrealistic imagery
Uses various typefaces for visual emphasis and illustrations that lend emotive effect
“Beware, this thing is heavy and has a lot of content warnings. It's about abuse.”

Scream, Bloody Boar

Concept: “Recurring encounters with a malevolent spectral swine”
Content: A pissed-off pig with an undying vendetta against your party
Writing: Some simple instructions and stats
Art/design: Colors and designs add character while preserving readability
Usability: A quick, easy way to add a minor recurring antagonist to games

The Farm

Concept: “Since it’s Mörk Borg, you’ve probably already guessed that everything is just fine, and the livestock aren’t slaughtering people or anything like that.”
Animal Farm on PCP
Well-delineated descriptions of individual locations pervaded by visceral charnel imagery and punctuated by sardonic wit and bleak humor
Laid out for easy use with stats and maps proximal to descriptions; includes some gritty, evocative illustrations
Easy to run and guaranteed to get some cringes; not for the body-horror averse

VVil-boar, the Soul Eater

Concept: “The soul-sucking body of some pig”
No head but filled with rage
Includes stats, lore, and an extended adventure seed
Type, color, and layout differentiate textual components for easy use
Has the potential to kill or maim PCs merely by encountering (not even fighting) them

You Don’t Yank on the Spine of God

Concept: “An album crawl inspired by Monster Magnet's Spine of God. Of course, it'll be sex & drugs ridden. Uh, and monsters. Ugly ones.”
Content: A drug-fueled, sex-filled, pig boiling trip into the unconscious.
Writing: A hallucinogenic dream sequence.
Art/design: Psychedelic photo mashups of NPCs, hand-drawn map. Glaring yellow text over a drug-addled purple backdrop. 
Usability: Designed in a three-column pamphlet format. 
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