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All's Well At The Macallen Farm

“A farm 
Its occupants 
Its other occupant 
What happens when the PCs decide to visit”
Content: A farmhouse adventure for Cthork Borg.
Writing: A timeline of horrific events both intimate and grandiose in scope. Somehow, it manages to also be funny.
Art/design: Disturbing prints punctuate a tidy single-column layout.
Usability: Clear sections and a table of contents allow for easy reference after review.  

Forbidden Psalm: Würm Moon

Concept: “A new scenario for Forbidden Psalm, featuring a suspicious farmer with an uncomfortably slow drawl.”
Content: A wriggling farmyard massacre under the Würm Moon.
Writing: Dialogue worth drawling out, and a scenario that’s both clear and bursting with tiny details. 
Art/design: A near-psychedelic monstrosity haunts a crooked and layered neon design. 
Usability: Stylized and largely functional. 

Harvest of Horror

Concept: “Strange creatures have been spotted in a village near the lake, twisted mockeries of nature that move with eerie purpose.” 
Content: April Fools meets “alchemy of flesh”.
Writing: Iconic horrors such as: “Rotcabbage”, “Tenebrous Carrot”, and “Goretater”.
Art/design: Uncanny Valley vegetable creations in tenebrous tri-fold pamphlet format.
Usability: Legible but may require “alchemy of print” 

Into Those Drowning Bells

Concept: “Track a group of foolish treasure seekers through the ruins of a cursed town devoured by the bitter earth.”
Content: The journey from a flagging village to an abandoned “pyramid”.
Writing: Sober depiction of desperation and despondency would certainly invoke sympathy if you weren’t scvm.
Art/design: A clean draft adventure with easy to reference layout. Table of discontents that hints at more adventure to come. 
Usability: Still in draft, but has a fully formed opening section that can easily be built upon.

Level 018

Concept: “A loose alliance between three thinx rules this level. They are "farming" wickheads.”
Content: A candelabrum of wickheads, tended by a trio of grotesques.
Writing: A concise utilitarian adventure designed for active reference.
Art/design: Visual and typographic elements cater to rapid identification/categorization.
Usability: Available in many accessible formats.

Monolith 1: Harvest

8 contributors
Concept: “A quarterly publication that focuses its cyclopean gaze on a single system with every issue”
Content: “A journey through dilapidated townsteads, rejuvenated fields and terrifying dungeons, with all the horrors you meet along the way”
Writing: The pedagogy of planting and population planning, and a forgotten temple to begotten basilisks, all aggressively annotated. 
Art/design: Darkly grotesque cultists, disturbed floral prints, cultured public domain illustrations, and colorful marginalia highlight the body text.
Usability: Organized, aside from a few intentionally frustrating almanac charts. But I’m sure you can manage those with a little old-fashioned spit and polish.

Monolith Fragment: Life on the Farm

Concept: “Is pastoral life getting you down? Tired of only fighting weeds?”
Content: “A Rural Adventure Generator”
Writing: Suitably rural, adequately absurd, full of farm equipment.
Art/design: A collection of simple, organized tables with tastefully home-spun spot prints.
Usability: Sow chaos with d6s.

The Farm

Concept: “Since it’s Mörk Borg, you’ve probably already guessed that everything is just fine, and the livestock aren’t slaughtering people or anything like that.”
Animal Farm on PCP
Well-delineated descriptions of individual locations pervaded by visceral charnel imagery and punctuated by sardonic wit and bleak humor
Laid out for easy use with stats and maps proximal to descriptions; includes some gritty, evocative illustrations
Easy to run and guaranteed to get some cringes; not for the body-horror averse

The Sundrenched King

Concept: “The coronation is approaching. Helvius will die. Long live Helvius.   
You are newcomers to Hunningbury. You are here to stop the coronation.”
Content: Rabble-rousing and regicide in the kingdom of Hunningbury.
Writing: A hard timer lends urgency to the political intrigue. There are many options to prepare for the assault on Helvius in his keep, all of them viable.
Art/design: Quaint and idyllic imagery belies the unpleasant realities of Hunningbury. 
Usability: Political intrigue that works for both talk and sword happy scvm. 


Concept: “A castle on a hill in the middle of nowhere unknowingly bringing about THE END.” 
Content: A season-skipping, Misery-inducing, gold-grabbing, castle-side family reunion crawl.
Writing: Interesting family dynamics, the dreaded Economicon, and a surprising number of brothers-in-law.
Art/design: Stylized text which combines splashes of high-contrast emphasis with an overall print-friendly design
Usability: Yes, the QR code works. 

World-Weary Villager

Concept: “The world of people never much agreed with you; instead you sought the company of beasts” 
Content: A delusional zoologist.
Writing: A primitive class whose connection to animals is wildly open to interpretation.
Art/design: Cave illustration just adds further to the ambiguity to the story. 
Usability: Easy to use, flexible in characterization. Cover art by Nohr is available on Twitter.
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