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Sean F. Smith

Level 018

Concept: “A loose alliance between three thinx rules this level. They are "farming" wickheads.”
Content: A candelabrum of wickheads, tended by a trio of grotesques.
Writing: A concise utilitarian adventure designed for active reference.
Art/design: Visual and typographic elements cater to rapid identification/categorization.
Usability: Available in many accessible formats.

Orc Borg

Concept: “a great big beautiful trash rocket smashing through space and it is jam-packed with ORCS”
Content: An entire hulking space orc ecosystem with a complete rule set.
Writing: Orcy text written for puny humies.
Art/design: Loud and fast. Large and bright. Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!
Usability: A4 format + Riso print enhances style and legibility. 

Snotsoil Mire

Concept: “The edge of the Bergen Chrypt is flooded. Into that slick swamp, the ducal twins of Schleswig fled.”
A relatively lean but atmospheric hexcrawl
Concise but thorough with subtle character
Cut-and-paste feel with intense color
Linear and easy to use; additional mechanics appended for easy reference

The Secret Glory

Concept: “A 1920s supernatural investigation version of Mork Borg. Mythos Borg.”
Includes additional/alternative rules for occult investigation, gear, and a demi-class
Descriptive with a neutral tone appropriate to the content
Nicely mimics a printed document from the period
Well laid out and split down the middle for easy use by GMs and players

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