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A Waning Light

“To the south, and to the west, to the place where land becomes liquid and oozes into the Endless Sea. Far beyond Targ-Dungel and the festering swamps of the Rotlands lies Fattvëlland, the Great Slick. 

This, they say, is where the giants died. This oil is their blood, their liquid bones, their final gift to the land – a gift taken by darkness, now. The waning light of the cowering sun dares not shine here. Those who bring flames find themselves burning as stars, hot and bright and all too brief, returned to smoke and ash from whence everything came.”
Content: An oil-slicked, guttering, forgotten lantern crawl. With two suffocating dungeons, petroleum-rich expanses, demented myths, and many muddled secrets.
Writing: A melancholy-soaked Molotov, light on memory, heavy with misery. Ready to ignite.
Art/design: Moisture-stained maps, brooding and heavily manipulated photographs, and dark illustrations over an ironclad layout.
Usability: Strong hierarchy and clean legible text. The accompanying album drones in perfect accompaniment. 


“A short trip into a subarctic bog deep in the hinterlands”

Betty Blackteeth

Concept: “Her decaying skin, stringy hair, nails and teeth are stained by the peat-blackened waters where she prowls.”
Jenny Greenteeth adapted to the swamps of the Greater Galgenbeck area
Descriptive text provides character and tactics; stat block includes a chain of nasty Specials
Builds the isolated, suffocating atmosphere that defines the monster
This is why you shouldn't play in swamps (or maybe why you should when you're playing Mörk Borg)

Bogfolk’s Forest

Concept: “Get lost in our Bog, stay a while, why don’t you?” 
Content: “A forest cursed by an ancient witch’s heart” and d6 places to encounter there.
Writing: Description and mechanics interact to establish the setting and each new environment.
Art/design: Bogdown forest looms in false color behind a dark window to the text. 
Usability: As a location generator for your random boggy encounters. 

Creature from the Black Bayou

Concept: “The Fishman fossils were found and explorers were sent, but will they survive against the Creature from the Black Bayou?”
Content: A fishman. Ready to drag you below.
Writing: Stats evoke a dangerous aquatic stalker. Ready to ambush isolated scvm.
Art/design: Black & white horror movie poster.
Usability: Keep moist. 

Creatures of the Dying World

“21 lavishly illustrated monsters and an emphasis on folklore over combat stats”

Cuore di Cane/Dog's days are over

Concept: “‘Old tales are told about the Sepulchre beyond the marshes. It's said to be haunted by the spirits of the dead,’ she murmurs... ‘Many set out to plunder the dead, and none ever return.’” 
Content: A heart-crushing, marsh-trudging, corpse-raising sepulcher crawl.
Writing: A sense of sanctity embodies its dungeon descriptions, contrasting the poverty and desperation of the Galgenbeck alley rumors which frame the adventure.
Art/design: Desiccated gray-scale memento mori highlight a structured top-down map and tidy two-column layout.
Usability: Illustrated and plain maps are available separately. Adventure is presented in both English and Italian. 

Dark Fortean Times: A Snarl of Corpses

Concept: “A Snarl of Corpses Dams the River is a deadly terrain trap that forces players to push their luck and make hard decisions under pressure.”
Content: An alchemical accident, a corpse dam, an impending flood, and the rise of the corpse king.
Writing: A simple core concept with delightfully foul framing to make for a truly unique disaster.
Art/design: A floodwater of corpse illustration. Purposeful typographic choices distinguish descriptive versus mechanical text.
Usability: A fair balance between dynamic design elements and accessibility. 


Concept: “The unspeakable depravity of the way they dress... the unimaginable horror of their singing... only wretched SCVM would side with...”
Writing: A refreshing quaff of bog water. *It’ll help clear out the sinuses. 
Art/design: Gritty bog background on neon green corpse painted frogborn.
Usability: Available in full color and plaintext versions. Metal growl at the start of each session for an extra omen.  
I love Willo. 

Heretical Fractal Bog

“A half-frozen bog of muddy black waters, razor-sharp vegetation, and mesmerizing optical illusions”

Hero of Canker and Mire

Concept: “A knight of the past, an ancient hero forgotten by all and who, in despair, went to lose himself in the marshes” 
Content: A mire-drenched disgrace.
Writing: A corporeal text which explores and supplants the mortal form.
Art/design: Dual spreads contain yellowed illustrations of creeping growth and moist crumbling decay.
Usability: A sloppy display font drips over a clean body text, highlighted for skimming. 

Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies

Concept: “The powers and locations of artifacts made from the remains of the Sacred Tragedies... that gives insight into the Order of Her Devoted Midwives sect”
Content: Three single-sheet pamphlet adventures, and one on a new sect of the One Trve Faith.
Writing: A plausibly disturbing take on Basilisk worship which ties the adventures together into a larger optional campaign.
Art/design: A consistent palette makes for a cohesive collection, while exploration of contrast differentiates each pamphlet.
Usability: Well designed for use as a physical prop at the table. Get them in print if you can. 

Immortal Soul (Alma Imortal)

Concept: “This is a story of horror and revenge, driven by individuals who do not accept their fate, reject death and want a second chance.”
Content: A purgatory-escape-crawl for dead Scvm, complete with consequences for the dying world should their spirits perish in the attempt.
Writing: Establishes distinct regions of purgatory to explore, complete with set-piece destination encounters. Supplying enough context, tone, and style to produce flavorful travel encounter in each region as needed.
Art/design: Somber, expansive, and severe imagery compliments harsh setting descriptions to establish purgatory as the crucible that it is.
Usability: Adventure to establish a new campaign, or regroup and return to the dying world stronger after a TPK. Google translation from Portuguese to English makes for the occasional anomaly. 

Murky Bog

Concept: “This place was created by an ancient cult that locked something away behind the door (treasure? another dungeon?). This door can be opened in two different ways, but a mistake leads to death or worse”
A 13-point adventure with 5 original monsters
Concise and accessible
Laid out for maximum visibility of map without sacrificing easy reference to additional information
Includes a blank map for players and a suggested soundtrack

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“Carnivorous plants! Human sacrifice! A rampaging undead mammoth to chase you around the bog! Some physical copies available.”

Nökken, bog thing

Concept: “The rotting flesh of the long-dead forms together into an obscene facsimiles of life.”
A patchwork bog-beast
A balance of mechanics and flavor
Colors convey the setting; typographical choices create a sense of escalation
Has an especially brutal (but limited) special attack
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