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Box of Shadows

Concept: “The dry cracked earth of the city now spews a scentless dark black fog. … Rumors of this substance taking form and hunting down those that travel without a lamp or torch have become ever more prevalent.”
A sprawling sandbox-style adventure set amidst a sinister miasma emerging in Grift
Incorporates copious descriptions, in-game documents, and random tables to add flavor to play; also includes numerous monsters, NPCs, and items
Incorporates original and found art into exuberant designs and diverse layouts
Includes copious reference sheets, handouts, and topic-specific indices for GMs and players to use during play; GM-eyes-only material is segregated to facilitate more exciting solo play

Drums of Ascension

Concept: “HE knows that to bring this torment to an end, Gorgh must use an eternity’s saved painful energy HE has been stealing from Verhu to create a new future.”
A substantial sketch of a long, multi-phase military crusade
Purely descriptive, but contains lots of compelling concepts, images, and adventure seeds
Designed for linear reading, but includes some Dore engravings to keep the document visually interesting
Provides a solid outline and tableaus of critical events, but will require GMs to fill in a lot of incidental and mechanical details

Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies

Concept: “The powers and locations of artifacts made from the remains of the Sacred Tragedies... that gives insight into the Order of Her Devoted Midwives sect”
Content: Three single-sheet pamphlet adventures, and one on a new sect of the One Trve Faith.
Writing: A plausibly disturbing take on Basilisk worship which ties the adventures together into a larger optional campaign.
Art/design: A consistent palette makes for a cohesive collection, while exploration of contrast differentiates each pamphlet.
Usability: Well designed for use as a physical prop at the table. Get them in print if you can. 

In the Footsteps of the Mad Wizard

“A campaign setting for Forbidden Psalm picking up the narrative where the core book leaves off.”

Kavlov’s Sanctuary

Concept: “Explore the dread-filled halls of Kavlov's Sanctuary and uncover the ancient secrets and betrayals that could determine the fate of the world. But be warned, your actions have consequences” 
Content: A demon-bound mega-dungeon crawl. A campaign setting with 13 unique dungeon locations, 5 new classes, monsters, bosses, magic items, and gear.
Writing: An interwoven series of thematic dungeons centered on demonic corruption.
Art/design: A dense but visually organized two-column layout, with classic grid maps and charming comic illustrations.
Usability: Color-coded dungeon locations aid navigation. Separate maps provided. 

Kingdoms Burn

Concept: “Gorgh will drag this world kicking and screaming into oblivion. His champion needs but one thing to regain his strength.”
A scenario centered on a suit of armor seeking to reunite with its rightful wearer
Features plenty of lore along with stat blocks for the antagonist, its final form, and its followers
Primarily monochrome images and text with shocks of yellow to add emphasis and direct attention
Like the antagonist, something of an empty vessel waiting to be filled


“A nameless land, conquered by a warlord known as the Saint, cries out for a savior. Choose your side in a story yet to be told.”

Malum Mortis

Concept: “Anuk Schlenger will be resurrected to speak again, unlocking the truth and destroying the Calender of Nechrubel.”
Content: The outline of a grand heretical conspiracy, lead by the infamous Tergol, to upend the false prophecies with the help of—a lone drunkard.
Writing: A collection of instructions, references, and handouts. As well as (medicinally) humorous drunkard mechanics.
Art/design: A collection of traditional illustrations, prints, and artifacts highlight amidst
Usability: Available in print ready and web pdf formats. Includes a vtt asset pack.

Svið in a Ditch

Concept: “Deep within the cloughs of Bergen Chrypt there lies an inverted tower beneath the skull of a basilisk, known only as THEY, and in this inverted tower, at its deepest recess, is the Ljusgvare: a scroll that is said to be able to end the greatest of calamities.”
A high-concept hexcrawl across the Dying Land and through Bergen Chrypt; populated by a wide and colorful cast of characters
Provides detailed descriptions of locations, insights into NPCs, and creates a sense of interconnection between encounters
Text heavy, but necessarily so; color and visual choices keep the pages interesting and lively
Contains links to other useful supplements; also available in simple and plaintext formats for easier readability

The Bridges of Múr and the Endless Sea

Concept: “The Pillar of Múr was found and destroyed. … Creatures called Devourers now make the ground tremble as they crawl from the depths. Scouring the land, they ravenously consume what lay in their path.”
An expansive hexcrawl that includes a bestiary, specialized gear, and optional rules for mounts, chases, climbing, and fighting colossal creatures
Incorporates general information about the scenario as well as descriptions of and mechanics for elements like monsters and locations
Incorporates original and found art into exuberant designs and diverse layouts
Requires more GM prep and intervention to assemble a narrative arc, but supplies all necessary components

The Doomsday Archive

“Where lanternlight fails, you’ll find the Doomsday Archive.”

The Dying Lands

Concept: “play Mork Borg in a sandbox style”  
Content: A map and tables for scvm to hex-crawl their way across the dying lands
Writing: Leaves room for encounter tables, monsters, NPCs, and your own personal Miseries. Sometimes, it fills them in.
Art/Design Hex maps in rich yellow, black, and red.
Usability: Available as a variety of flexible layouts, with various levels of structure 

The Guild of Xargosi

Concept: “Their motto is ‘Corpora Infinita’ for the sheer number of fools ready to die under their banner."
Content: A parody of a guild that fights bears, whiffs hard, picks up the pieces, and dumps them in the endless sea.
Writing: Exaggerated Galgen-“talian” flair, with puns and body humor aplenty.
Art/design: A colorful, variegated, and grimy zine format. Classic poster illustrations of major encounters with altered public-domain spot illustrations.
Usability: Available in “guilded” and plaintext formats.  

Trapped Within

Concept: “’Descending further into delirious madness, King Fathmu IX is haunted by visions of mockery... (he) imprisons everyone who seems a threat in his underground prison. Terrified traitors, aspiring necromancers, powerful demagogues and even scum like you.’” 
Content: A warped, demented, and bloody prison crawl with two new classes, items, tools, and apocalyptic campaign aids.
Writing: A gonzo trip with some devious twists. Accessible at multiple levels of play, from dungeon crawls to a dramatic campaign.
Art/design: A grimy, yet familiar, adventure layout which deviates from expectations to emphasize its most unusual or dramatic encounters.
Usability: Strongly visual, yet highly structured and easy to navigate in play. 
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