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The Endless Sea

7 Aboard the Schackel

9 contributors
Concept: “Lady Anthelia of Kergüs, the Blood Countess, sits upon her marbled throne... Those she will not kill she imprisons aboard the hulk named Her Lady's Schackel”
Content: A sinful floating prison crawl.
Writing: Creative framing which reflects Anthelia’s court intrigue in each tortured soul and accursed deck. 
Art/design: Illustrations that channel the influence of the seven, and their sins.
Usability: Randomization elements enhance replayability. 

Mörkédex: Bile Yellow

Concept: “You’ll have to forgive me, but I’ve forgotten, what was your name again? I’m Professor Locust, but most people call me the Mörkémon professor.” 
Content: That’s right, it’s that crossover. With d66 Mörkémon, two classes, eight “dungeons” and the city of Caput Mortem.
Writing: A childhood franchise with all the puns and references you’ve come to enjoy, made lovingly miserable.
Art/design: A flexible, consistent, and intuitive design that guides the reader through the world of Mörkémon.
Usability: A second edition of Professor Locust’s Mörkédex. 

The Endless Sea

Concept: “Here is my track for this day #MÖRKTOBER 's prompt : Eldritch! Heavily inspired by Lovecraft works and mood and by all the possibly weird mermaid waiting for us in the Endless Sea.” 
Content: The bubbling, building siren songs of the endless sea.
Writing: A simple title. It is fitting.
Art/design: Crystalline brushstrokes form the album cover. A drifting sonic descent into the depths meets a soft mournful chorus until water finally fills your lungs.
Usability: Music to drown to. 

The Guild of Xargosi

Concept: “Their motto is ‘Corpora Infinita’ for the sheer number of fools ready to die under their banner."
Content: A parody of a guild that fights bears, whiffs hard, picks up the pieces, and dumps them in the endless sea.
Writing: Exaggerated Galgen-“talian” flair, with puns and body humor aplenty.
Art/design: A colorful, variegated, and grimy zine format. Classic poster illustrations of major encounters with altered public-domain spot illustrations.
Usability: Available in “guilded” and plaintext formats.  

The Ocean Axe

Concept: “Constructed from the skeletal corpse of the Manta Ray Lich, this mighty axe gives its wielder the powers of the endless ocean.”
Content: An axe borne from the endless sea.
Writing: Powerful and dripping with flavor and abysmal drawbacks.
Art/design: A vibrant, energetic visual design with a mildly distressed but aesthetic layout.
Usability: Simple, legible, intuitive. 
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