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The Gonzo GM

Conniving Condottiere

Concept: “Time to dust off your weapons and lead a new gang of knaves to their doom. In bocca al lupo!”
Content: The “Il Capitano” of the dying lands. Complete with wet noodle and fighting cock.
Writing: Produces a blend of mercenary captain and street performer. Decidedly commedia.
Art/design: A crowing rooster in a suit of armor. The real fighting cock.
Usability: A familiar and legible two-column layout. Pairs well with Guild of Xargosi. 

let them eat BUGS

“‘Well if they’re so bloody fucking hungry…  LET THEM EAT BUGS!’
• Marie-Claire Delcroix, Allians noble (deceased)” 
Content: 5,800 possible bugs, and what happens when you eat them.
Writing: Entire mechanics for catching and eating bugs. With a veritable hive of crunchy, protein-rich tables.
Art/design: Juicy grubs and grinning goblins splatter this neon green sensory experience.
Usability: Organized, legible, but intentionally antagonistic. 

Murderous Marionette

Concept: “Whittled from cursed wood of the blackened Sarkash forest and made to entertain others, you are finally free from your sick Master.” 
Content: A violently self-employed puppet.
Writing: A veritable workshop full of murder implements and references.
Art/design: Expectedly wooden. Just a little bloody.
Usability: The text is legible but spaced a little tight for woodburning. 

The Guild of Xargosi

Concept: “Their motto is ‘Corpora Infinita’ for the sheer number of fools ready to die under their banner."
Content: A parody of a guild that fights bears, whiffs hard, picks up the pieces, and dumps them in the endless sea.
Writing: Exaggerated Galgen-“talian” flair, with puns and body humor aplenty.
Art/design: A colorful, variegated, and grimy zine format. Classic poster illustrations of major encounters with altered public-domain spot illustrations.
Usability: Available in “guilded” and plaintext formats.  
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