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animate object

All Her Hungry Children

Concept: “Dark and delirious reinterpretations of Popular Dungeon Game's monster menu” 
Content: A tumorous corruption of a monstrous manual, starting with the letter A.
Writing: A thorough satire of its source material, suitable for the bleak humor of a surreal and ultimately doomed setting.
Art/design: Monstrous photo-bashing that blends classical elegance with downright ridiculousness.
Usability: Text balancing utility and style from entry to entry. 

Darkest Rock

Concept: “A brutal delve into... Vile Geyser, a living cave that they can, if they work hard enough, befriend as a massive walking Caver familiar.”
Content: An adventure, spells, equipment, monsters, and class features designed for literal giant cave monster campaigns.
Writing: An eclectic weird fantasy style drizzled in gratuitously gelatinous glaze.
Art/design: Heavyweight line illustrations and maps accent a flexible traditional layout.
Usability: Can be supplemented with the system-neutral Caver and Cube rules. 

Murderous Marionette

Concept: “Whittled from cursed wood of the blackened Sarkash forest and made to entertain others, you are finally free from your sick Master.” 
Content: A violently self-employed puppet.
Writing: A veritable workshop full of murder implements and references.
Art/design: Expectedly wooden. Just a little bloody.
Usability: The text is legible but spaced a little tight for woodburning. 
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