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A Wizard's Dying Wish and Other Tales

Concept: “A collection of four adventures and five encounter hooks, all created for those gamemasters in need of new ideas to throw at the adventurers.”
Content: A compilation of Philip Reeds pamphlet adventures in a hardcover A5.
Writing: A thick and sturdy scaffold of personalities and events to entertain or eradicate your scvm.
Art/design: Expressive depictions of titular characters and artifacts, easy to navigate maps when provided.
Usability: Encounters can easily be dropped in independently but are thematically consistent for a longer campaign. 

A Wizard’s Dying Wish

Concept: “Brauer possesses enough strength to make one final request. Will the party take action to fulfill the wizard’s dying wish?”
A one-room encounter with a cool monster twist and some nasty aftermath possibilities
Devoted mostly to describing the situation and setting, but provides the GM with inspiration and some flexibility
Keeps the pamphlet visually interesting without being obtrusive
Fold it twice and you’re ready to go

Darkest Rock

Concept: “A brutal delve into... Vile Geyser, a living cave that they can, if they work hard enough, befriend as a massive walking Caver familiar.”
Content: An adventure, spells, equipment, monsters, and class features designed for literal giant cave monster campaigns.
Writing: An eclectic weird fantasy style drizzled in gratuitously gelatinous glaze.
Art/design: Heavyweight line illustrations and maps accent a flexible traditional layout.
Usability: Can be supplemented with the system-neutral Caver and Cube rules. 

Deep Waters Run Deadly

Concept: “A tool for solo, gmless and on the fly dungeoneering involving moisture.”
Content: A moisture generator, d20 soggy denizens, fishing rules, d12 miserable fish, and treasures.
Writing: A generalized but descriptive style. Inspiring rather than dictating mechanics.
Art/design: A geometric and textured layout with tailored AI art.
Usability: A specific emulator for cruel and unusual bodies of water. 

Dungeoneer's Black Book

Concept: “Welcome to the Dungeoneer's Black Book, a collection of boggy holes and haunted cellars. No evening shall pass without the gruesome, ultimately inevitable death of a beloved character.”
Content: 16 dungeons in a disturbing array of contents and formats
Writing: A variety of adventures await you with their own unique styles. The only guarantee is misery.
Art/design: A engrossing (sometimes gross) exploration of dungeon layout and illustration.
Usability: With a variety of design formats, make sure to read your selected dungeon before the session.

Odd Gob’s Claw

Concept: “...the shelled behemoth leaves a trail of eldritch slime that oozes from the end of its massive limbs.” 
Content: A replicating pile of hallucinogenic tendrils encased in a dead crustacean.
Writing: Disturbing sensations lend character to a simple statblock.
Art/design: A hulking construct of clearly repurposed carapace dominates a pink and yellow shore-scape.
Usability: Available in a free and a paid version with additional abilities, history, and adventure prompts. 

Perfidious Protoplasma

Concept: “An expansion that gives the humble ooze its due”
A roster of oozes with rules for the creature type, an ooze-symbiote character class, and an ooze-centered dungeon
Efficiently presents information in each section
Subtle and relatively traditional but still effective in visually reinforcing the concept; dungeon features clean, efficient layouts and design for easy use by GMs
Class is more powerful and versatile than some other classes, but balanced by the monetary and/or inventory cost of feeding the ooze

Severed Bits for Forbidden Psalm

Concept: “Forbidden Psalm stats for Severed Book's Massive Gelatinous Cubes and Caver”
Content: Oozes, Cubes, and Cavers. Oh my.
Writing: Variety in abilities makes each Ooze unique. Cavers have a significant impact on gameplay, adding a new arena of potential play.
Art/design: Emphasizes the associated miniatures with high quality photography.
Usability: Consistent hierarchy aids in navigation. 


Concept: “The tar greets you warmly”
Content: A Tar’Pir merchant. With boons to give.
Writing: A delightful mixture of childlike whimsy and terror. A naive horror.
Art/design: Delightfully drippy. Delicious contrast between light and dark.
Usability: Available at any tar pit near you, both illustrated and plaintext. 

The Blobulous Ooze (that came from the stars)

“Fire paints the dark sky with a thin line.  
A star just fell. 
Something crawls out of it. 
Content: A blob.
Writing: Chewy enough to switch from hilarious to horrifying in an instant.
Art/design: Human pulping. Hand drawn in chalk. Text in inviting shades of pink.
Usability: Growth is measured in dice categories. 

The Church of the Blob

Concept: “A Horrible scenario in witch you are force by slimes to either give one of your limbs or become a slime yourself!”
Content: The father of all slime patches upon the endless sea.
Writing: Full of substance, especially when that substance is body horror, or slime.
Art/design: An array of slimy little stinkers that look adorable until you remember they took your right arm.
Usability: When you need to mix up your party (into a fine slurry) 

The Melting

Concept: “The further you walk from the city, the stranger the land gets. All that salt in the air does things to the mind. Of late, people wandering the wilds around Grift are not returning.
Content: A haunted house dungeon with strong supernatural and body horror themes.
Writing: Effectively utilizes mechanics to reinforce descriptive horror elements.
Art/design: Distressed gritty zine aesthetic, playful use of sidebar layout, eclectic style with striking visual elements.
Usability: Useful mini map highlights for reference. Some horror elements require DM engagement to be most effective. Come to the table prepared. 

The Vermilion Throne

Concept: “Venture into the depths, recover the heart of the True King, and bring an end to the Shadow King's reign. Or fail, and bleed, and die.”
Content: A pulse pumping, blood-drenched, flesh crawl.
Writing: As consistent and efficient as the beating heart, without feeling too clinical.
Art/design: Accessible and fluid design which doesn’t clot alongside thematic illustrations which do.
Usability: A considered and effective table reference. 

The Vertebrachnid

Concept: “A species of animated translucent slime makes its home from the skeletons of dead adventurers.”
A strange, slimy scavenger
Mostly descriptive with a simple stat block
Includes a wonderfully ghastly illustration
Good use of color and shape to delineate content sections
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