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A Quiet Country Home

Concept: “A polite invitation to stay in a new home results in a run-in with the home's current occupant.”
Content: An investigation for the Mörk Borg hack: Cthork Borg.
Writing: A delightfully understated horror that is just wallpapered enough for the imagination to set in.
Art/design: Soft & post impressionistic charcoal on canvas lend an heir of forgotten tragedy to the text.
Usability: A considerate adventure layout that preserves many of its secrets until the end. 

A Wizard's Dying Wish and Other Tales

Concept: “A collection of four adventures and five encounter hooks, all created for those gamemasters in need of new ideas to throw at the adventurers.”
Content: A compilation of Philip Reeds pamphlet adventures in a hardcover A5.
Writing: A thick and sturdy scaffold of personalities and events to entertain or eradicate your scvm.
Art/design: Expressive depictions of titular characters and artifacts, easy to navigate maps when provided.
Usability: Encounters can easily be dropped in independently but are thematically consistent for a longer campaign. 

Elk Deathyard

Concept: “Among the dead and those that refuse to stay still, even the accursed fear the true silence.  
When you can’t hear anything but your breathing, you might be
close to the-”
Content: A Tveland Cabin Crawl.
Writing: Supernatural horror. Full of foreboding. With shocks and twists as well as horror tropes.
Art/design: Design elements emphasize a descent into darkness.
Usability: Mini-map, representative spot illustrations, and clean layout aid in table reference. 


Concept: “So you’ve finally done it. You got black out drunk and paid that weasel Hraxet for that plot of land with the graves … or was it the dilapidated building across from the butchers … or, well, whatever it is, it’s a shithole and definitely not worth the silver.”
Content: A shithole to place all your iKillya furniture.
Writing: Coarse textured and affectionately antagonistic. 
Art/design: A plaintext document and tables.
Usability: Housing that's so inadequate it’s nearly an adventure in itself. 

The Emperor of Teeth

Concept: “Your party is starving and cold. Maybe there's something to eat in that cottage up ahead. Maybe you ARE what's to eat in that cottage up ahead. Let yourself in and find out.”
A weird, bleak encounter in cabin-turned-horror-show
Pulls no punches with the body horror and grotesque imagery; payoff is grimly humorous
Available in pamphlet and Album crawl version, which is read counterclockwise
Page numbers help reading the pamphlet digitally; the Album Crawl version is challenging in either medium

Unholy Night

Concept: “The house is an old stone and wood structure. Icicles line the eaves – glittering in the firelight from within. The smell of burning oak fills the air and fills you with hope. Shelter. Warmth…..maybe even food.”
A frozen, Yule-themed adventure filled with murderous holiday cheer
Provides lots of descriptive text for the GM to use and adapt
Graphically conservative, but effectively conveys the atmosphere of particular scenes
Minimal mechanics; emphasizes interaction and narrative-building

Wind Fetter

Concept: “In Wästland a foul forgotten lake has suddenly dried up revealing a blasphemous smithy at its bottom.”
A dried-lake-bed crawl that ends in an occult charnel house; wind effect table is particularly of note
Has pretty comprehensive descriptions with some vivid, detailed imagery
Mostly oriented toward ease of use, but contains some cool visual text on the cover
Straightforward with enough variability to keep it from being completely linear
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