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Elk Deathyard

Concept: “Among the dead and those that refuse to stay still, even the accursed fear the true silence.  
When you can’t hear anything but your breathing, you might be
close to the-”
Content: A Tveland Cabin Crawl.
Writing: Supernatural horror. Full of foreboding. With shocks and twists as well as horror tropes.
Art/design: Design elements emphasize a descent into darkness.
Usability: Mini-map, representative spot illustrations, and clean layout aid in table reference. 

For Whom the Deer Haunts

Concept: “Deep in the woods of Kergüs, you befall a small tribe of earthbound. Their Chieftain, Krüll, warns you of an accursed  kinsmen – a Wendigo – hiding among them, slaughtering a man every night.”
Provides a hook, suspects (with a fun alibi system), and culprit
Writing: Conveys the necessary information concisely but effectively
A gritty graphic character with strategic shocks of color
Allows GM to customize scenario to taste or need; includes a twisted twist on the reward

Inte Rådjur

Concept: “Clearly not a deer; it is not from here.”
Content: An anti-magic anti-deer
Descriptive and mechanical text both serve to establish a compelling character
Likewise, depiction in silhouette establishes a form but allows the GM to customize the details
Ups the ante on arcane risks and consequences

Samson’s Dead, Where’s His Head?

Concept: “Find Randal in d8 rounds and return the head to Samson’s body before all the blood drains out and Samson’s protective magicks over Sarkash are lost.”
An adventure hook and stat blocks for a chase through Sarkash
Concise, unambiguous, and to the point
Well organized and cleanly laid out
GM will need to fill in incidentals, but the framework is there

Slipstream Elk

Concept: “In ages long past, herds of these creatures blotted out the sun with their migrations. Now, as the world dies, few remain”
A double jumping elk follower.
Impishly innocent.
Art/design: Classic black with neon text. Subtle and majestic elk silhouette.
Simple and easy to interpret mechanics. Lists in block text require searching.  

Warden of the Wyld

Concept: “The forest is always watching...” 
Content: “A creature that defends the forest, appearing as friend or foe to those who encounter it.”
Writing: A simple stat block that bleats for itself.
Art/design: Some intentional ambiguity lends mystery to the nature of this warden.
Usability: Floor your friends and leave them stunned. 
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