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Grim Goat Games

Basilisk Tooth

Concept: “Place this tooth under the tongue before sleep. Upon awakening, the tooth will have taken root.” 
Content: Natural armor with some bite, and a basilisk’s curse.
Writing: A suggestive and narrative introduction to a disturbingly effective relic. 
Art/design: Too much skin showing. It could honestly use a few more teeth.
Usability: Make sure to bathe with fluoride. 

Flesh Bound

Concept: “Only one body may bear their shared flesh at any time, while the other lies a corpse, awaiting... Carry your corpse upon your back.” 
Content: A sublimating set of alchemical half-twins.
Writing: For that player who insists on playing two PCs to balance a small party.
Art/design: Ink splatter and a judicious print capture human sublimation in romanticized and painterly detail.
Usability: Available in PDF or JPG. 

Living Hive

Concept: “Defend the hive as the hive defends you.” 
Content: "Your body is host to a swarm of insects that obey your pheromonal command.”
Writing: Dynamic swarm mechanics coalesce around a multitudinous theme.
Art/design: A honeycombed figure stands naked before a golden yellow backdrop.
Usability: A honeyed blend of style and substance. 

One Night at Castle Ghast

Concept: “ be gone before the coming of the dawn, lest the castle disappear and drag them with it to the lands of the dead.” 
Content: A once in a lifetime castle-crawl.
Writing: A traditional ghost story, an inexorable timer, and the highest stakes.
Art/design: Dark, textured, and occasionally effervescent images of spectral manifestations.
Usability: To prolong the inevitable. 

Plague Bringer

Concept: “Your body is steeped in plague. You are a walking vector and the powers you bear can harm OR help...” 
Content: This scvm took plague doctor literally.
Writing: A textbook of un-sterile (read: virulent) medical methods for friend and foe alike. 
Art/design: Plague mask, leather coat, heavy gloves, and text obscure a coagulated scab of a backdrop.
Usability: For when you desperately need to incorporate more infection mechanics. 

Sanguine Onomancer

Concept: “From commoners to kings, most expose their greatest weakness openly, not unlike blood spilling from an open wound” 
Content: “loathsome practitioners of blood magic” and the fundamentals of their art.
Writing: A treatise on true names and the bloody art of manipulating your subjects through them.
Art/design: A darkly crimson collection of prints, illustrations, carvings, and bloodstains.
Usability: Designed for use by any scvm. 

Skull Spiders

Concept: “Arachnids that lay their egg sacs in the throats of ensnared victims.”
Content: “Venemous creatures that armor themselves in the skulls of their prey.”
Writing: Arachnid mechanics that aren’t too sticky.
Art/design: Spiders. Skulls. Spiders wearing skulls. Webs. Corpses. What more do you want?
Usability: A organized web of legible text


Concept: “What are you willing to trade?”
Content: Mysterious street-surgeons, covered in burlap.
Writing: A Dying World folk tale, fabricated from whole cloth with corpses and string.
Art/design: Adorably bloody burlap surgeons flop and stare for your amusement.
Usability: A fun mini-game to gamble for those missing limbs.

The Book of Sanguine Onomancy

Concept: “true-naming blood magic!” 
Content: The history of true-naming and blood magic. With a class, magic system, additional rituals, relics, a follower, and npc onomancers.
Writing: A secret history of the art of true naming and a complete collection of the bloody rituals for power-hungry onomancers.
Art/design: An expanded collection of darkly crimson prints, illustrations, carvings, and bloodstains.
Usability: Designed for use by both scvm and game master. 


Concept: “Deliciously crunchy teeth that heal the body. Eat too many and more may grow.” 
Content: See above warning label.
Writing: A grotesque case of oro/maxillofacio/horticulturo/necromancy.
Art/design: A spitting image of teeth growing from an arteria bush.
Usability: Only for planting at night. 

Vamperic Prosthesis

Concept: “Heal from drinking the blood of others.” 
Content: “The fangs of an elder vampire, transfigured into a wearable prosthesis.”
Writing: Slightly addictive blood-drinking mechanics and a ghastly origin story.
Art/design: Slightly toothy, and just a little bloody.
Usability: For those wannabe bloodsuckers. 

Warden of the Wyld

Concept: “The forest is always watching...” 
Content: “A creature that defends the forest, appearing as friend or foe to those who encounter it.”
Writing: A simple stat block that bleats for itself.
Art/design: Some intentional ambiguity lends mystery to the nature of this warden.
Usability: Floor your friends and leave them stunned. 

Wicked Gourd & Gourd Head

Concept: “No one knows what causes the pumpkins to come to life on the nights of the year when the barrier between this world & the next grows thin...” 
Content: These gourds were made for walkin’...
Writing: Life cycle of the parasitic gourd. With nesting habits and hunting strategies revealed.
Art/design: Slightly gourd-y alterations on public domain art. Lots of orange.
Usability: Best when accompanied by Smashing Pumpkins. 

Witch Eater

Concept: “In the Witching Hour, these hungry creatures come calling for a bite to eat.” 
Content: Magic eating, many mouthed shadow serpents
Writing: Makes deftly malicious use of the mighty d4, and number 7, and unlucky 13.
Art/design: A striking blend of header and serpent stalking a vertical design.
Usability: d2 is there too, in the shadows. 
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