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A Dead God’s Stronghold

Concept: “Have some scvm you can’t seem to part with? Looking for a way to end your game before it ends the world?”
6 thematic hazards and stats for some pretty brutal basilisks
Clear descriptions with a healthy dose of humor
Fits a fair amount of content efficiently onto one page alongside some nice graphic elaborations of the base image
Can be used as an overlay for another dungeon to add extra character and lethality

Awful Pets

Concept: “Tired of plain old pets? Well, step right up to this completely legitimate establishment.”
8 basilisk friends for you to take home (or to a fun dungeon)
A veritable blender of sarcasm, irony, and overt humor—a fun read
Could easily be a full-page ad in The Dying Land Gazette
Generate your own basilisk in only 3 rolls


6 contributors
Concept: “Children keep disappearing in the forest. But no one dares to visit the abandoned ruin, which juts out of a clearing like a rotten tooth. Whoever crosses the threshold is confronted with a force that scares even the Inquisition. Everything is alive.”
Content: A basilisk-bonding, child-abducting, palace of a flesh crawl.
Writing: A full-bodied blend of humor and horror that spares no raw material.
Art/design: A well-built manor of an adventure design, with tormented sketches, and fleshy full-color illustrations.
Usability: Easily referenced adventure design. A follow-up to Den of Disarray. 

Children of SHE

Concept: “A bitter army of basilisk children has formed and is marching from the Valley of the Unfortunate Undead.”
A pair of complementary monsters and a table of demands
Creative with a dark tone punctuated by random weird humor
A solid adaptation of the Mörk Borg aesthetic and style
The Dying Land needs more basilisks

Holy Artifacts of the Sacred Tragedies

Concept: “The powers and locations of artifacts made from the remains of the Sacred Tragedies... that gives insight into the Order of Her Devoted Midwives sect”
Content: Three single-sheet pamphlet adventures, and one on a new sect of the One Trve Faith.
Writing: A plausibly disturbing take on Basilisk worship which ties the adventures together into a larger optional campaign.
Art/design: A consistent palette makes for a cohesive collection, while exploration of contrast differentiates each pamphlet.
Usability: Well designed for use as a physical prop at the table. Get them in print if you can. 

Ironbound Crusader

Concept: “Chosen champion, one of six, bound to it's demon possessed armor, on a crusade to slay the Two-headed Basilisk.”
Content: A knight who tilts at Basilisks.
Writing: Severe writing barely restrains the demonic corruption.
Art/design: Menacingly-warped demonically-generated plate armor. A rigidly forged layout with frosty blue highlights.
Usability: Organized and readable armor runes.

Malum Mortis

Concept: “Anuk Schlenger will be resurrected to speak again, unlocking the truth and destroying the Calender of Nechrubel.”
Content: The outline of a grand heretical conspiracy, lead by the infamous Tergol, to upend the false prophecies with the help of—a lone drunkard.
Writing: A collection of instructions, references, and handouts. As well as (medicinally) humorous drunkard mechanics.
Art/design: A collection of traditional illustrations, prints, and artifacts highlight amidst
Usability: Available in print ready and web pdf formats. Includes a vtt asset pack.

Mork Corp

Concept: “Because if you can't beat them, you might as well get a soul sucking job and try not to cry.” 
Content: “A CORPORATE HANDBOOK OF A GAME. Rules light. Art.... still kinda light.”
Writing: A uproarious collection of corporate jargon, jaded satire, and nihilism. Hell.
Art/design: A kaleidoscope of collage-style digital illustrations, edited photography, and text. A yellow and pink veneer over corporate gray.
Usability: Nightmarish, but inspirational. 

Sacrifice Before Sunrise

Concept: “A plan to dethrone King Fathmu IX by replacing him with the grotesque child-god is mere days from success.”
Content: Political assassination by ritual god-child sacrifice.
Writing: A surprising amount of depth for a tiny, burned village and the chase for an infant god.
Art/design: Divine blend of color, artful illustration, and navigable sidebar column layout.
Usability: Easier to use than murdering a god-baby. 

Sir Shite

Concept: “Any water Sir Shite and his mout rests to drink from become riddled with toxic bacteria.”
A basilisk-riding, infection-spreading Borgonaut
Concise and to the point; includes separate stats for rider and mount
Color adds some variety to the document and the contrast between collage elements creates some visual humor
High-damage attacks and chance of infection make this a particularly challenging set of foes


Concept: “Those who suffer these Miseries and perish with them shall be reborn too. Suffer with them, in everlasting Misery.”
Content: A dead basilisks’ dreamcrawl.
Writing: A tortured text with misery lying just below the surface. A dying world dress rehearsal, complete with psalms.
Art/design: Strong cover illustration and design elements support a tortured narrative. 
Usability: Clear rules pamphlet with a self-contained map. Available in full color, print-friendly, and digital formats. 

The Crypt of the Heretical Botanist Margar Veit

Concept: “Denounced by the Church for HERESY, MARGAR was hunted by the inquisition, but never found. Until, perhaps, now.”
Content: This pamphlet dungeon leads deep to the loamy soil of an unholy botanist's crypt.
Writing: The lore planted in each encounter sheds light on the extent of Veit’s heretical horticultural experiments. 
Art/design: Easy to reference in all three versions. Clear isometric map with a morbid botanical flourish.
Usability: Pamphlets available in print-friendly and full color versions. With a digital version for phone/tablet reference. Suitable as a cold open, requires a forest to begin the adventure as written. 

The Travelling Cigar Cart of the Spurious Basilisk

Concept: “A relatively friendly cigar selling npc(s) and their cigars which may or may not have some secret magical effects”
A more lighthearted encounter with lots of potential for short- and long-term hijinks
Full of character and entertaining to read and interpret for play
Diverse typography and patchwork layout creates a dynamic (but still readable) gestalt
This product contains nicotine.

Two-Faced Assilisk

Concept: “Birthed from 𝕳𝕰𝕽 anus. Cast into the public toilets of Bergen Chrypt. Patron of paladins and other assholier-than-thou antagonists.”
An alternative demi-basilisk
Provides parodic lore and tables of demands and consequences for not meeting those demands
Components visually delineated on discrete scraps of paper; gratuitous basilisk butthole

Verhu Wants

Concept: “If you don't meet the basilisk's demands, you will die! Survive somehow within 666 seconds!”
Content: A cursed amulet, and a (probably) fatal 666-second errand. 
Writing: Clever use of The Basilisks Demand table as a mini-game. With helpful descriptions of the options a scvm could take to avoid almost certain death.
Art/design: An amusingly horrifying sketch of a disappointed (and hungry) basilisk.
Usability: A short solo adventure or introduction to Mörk Borg. 
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