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Pavel Shikhachevskiy

Black Knight

Concept: “The legendary knights of an ancient order, sworn to protect the realm from the horrors that lurk in the darkness.”
Content: The Black Knight—from Monty Python
Writing: Quotes honoring an eternal guardian. Stats emphasizing sacrificial limbs.
Art/design: A noble bridge guardian at attention, with limbs (and layout) intact.
Usability: Ready to be hacked apart.

In The Belly of the Beast

Concept: “Short weird adventure for Mork Borg, where the characters are swallowed by a giant sea serpent and have to find their way out.”
Content: A serpent-shaped, acid-rich, nautical funhouse.
Writing: A segmented, event-driven skeleton draped in bile and blood.
Art/design: A fantastical cross-sectioned serpent dominates a white-capped sea of black pixels.
Usability: A traditional white-on-black text layout fits on one page for easy reference. 

Ironbound Crusader

Concept: “Chosen champion, one of six, bound to it's demon possessed armor, on a crusade to slay the Two-headed Basilisk.”
Content: A knight who tilts at Basilisks.
Writing: Severe writing barely restrains the demonic corruption.
Art/design: Menacingly-warped demonically-generated plate armor. A rigidly forged layout with frosty blue highlights.
Usability: Organized and readable armor runes.
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