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Black Knight

Concept: “The legendary knights of an ancient order, sworn to protect the realm from the horrors that lurk in the darkness.”
Content: The Black Knight—from Monty Python
Writing: Quotes honoring an eternal guardian. Stats emphasizing sacrificial limbs.
Art/design: A noble bridge guardian at attention, with limbs (and layout) intact.
Usability: Ready to be hacked apart.

D20 Gore Drops

Concept: “Introducing gross and vile items to be found by curious adventurers.”
Content: Anatomically identifiable tchotchkes.
Writing: Morbid but unobtrusive body horror.
Art/design: Classic cover illustration with an itty-bitty Skelly Joe.
Usability: Roll the d20. Dig in. 

Dead Festival 3

Concept: “A hallowed night has come” 
Content: “A Forbidden Psalm and Last War Annual mini-expansion for the spookiest of months”
Writing: Understated official briefings on four harrowing subterranean misadventures and a desperate last stand against the dark.
Art/design: Found documents and strangely doctored battlefield illustrations and photographs.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm core rules or The Last War variant. 

Gone with the Gnomes

Concept: “Everyone loves gnomes. They sing and dance”
Content: Adorable gnomes. Celebration. Maypoles. Riddles. Hattery. A village in peril.
Writing: Full of childlike whimsy and bloodshed. A real fairytale.
Art/design: Admirably ambiguous yet gleefully grotesque illustrations in a riotous layout. 
Usability: Start in the upper right and make your way around the center. Hydrate or die. 

Malleus Mörkicarum

Concept: “Foul witchcraft abounds in these dying lands.” 
Content: Witches and devils the inquisition warned you about, and the fanatics they didn’t. Curses abound for an unfortunate scvm.
Writing: Some clever wordplay and mechanics liven familiar inquisitorial tropes.
Art/design: Illustrated trappings of diabolism and inquisition sprinkle the text. 
Usability: Interaction of text and background symbols may hinder the reader. 

Odd Gob’s Teeth

Concept: “Two spindly legs end in hooves that dredge through the muck. They buckle under the weight of 2000 teeth...” 
Content: Mol, a soul collecting dead frog on a human mandible grown to enormous proportions.
Writing: An Odd Wyzard did it, it’s their fault. Knowledge won’t save you from the teeth though.
Art/design: Mol before it got to 2000 teeth. A wittle baby abomination.
Usability: Available in a free and a paid version, which includes an unfortunate quest. 


Concept: “Roleplaying In A World Of Bioweapons” 
Content: Complete rules for bioweapon fueled modern survival horror, with a swamp crawling starter scenario.
Writing: A detailed alternate history setting with mechanics emphasizing resource management, body horror, and tactical dismemberment.
Art/design: Neoclassical & romantic oil paintings and biological illustrations juxtapose a partially collapsed 2080 setting in single column layout.
Usability: A robust table of contents, utilitarian layout, rules reference, and character sheet aid in reference to this slightly more robust ruleset.  


Concept: “What are you willing to trade?”
Content: Mysterious street-surgeons, covered in burlap.
Writing: A Dying World folk tale, fabricated from whole cloth with corpses and string.
Art/design: Adorably bloody burlap surgeons flop and stare for your amusement.
Usability: A fun mini-game to gamble for those missing limbs.

Tormented Imp Mangler

Concept: “little shits jumping around you that you can throw at enemies or stomp to death to make cool shit happen!” 
Content: Alternate reality Tim, punished for his sins by little imps.
Writing: Narrative and mechanics reinforce what a pain in the ass these imps are.
Art/design: Imps cavort in TIM’s wake... until he throttles one by moonlight.
Usability: Imp as follower. Broke. Imp as weapon. Woke. 
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