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Georg “Getaro” Dünnwald

Egg Chamber

Concept: “Fun room with an egg-citing NPC”
An egg-centric encounter; heavy on scatological humor
A balance of descriptive text and mechanics with some putrid and absurd imagery
Text heavy, but well stylized and organized around/in a map and illustration
Some elements may be a bit much for more squeamish players


Concept: “The unspeakable depravity of the way they dress... the unimaginable horror of their singing... only wretched SCVM would side with...”
Writing: A refreshing quaff of bog water. *It’ll help clear out the sinuses. 
Art/design: Gritty bog background on neon green corpse painted frogborn.
Usability: Available in full color and plaintext versions. Metal growl at the start of each session for an extra omen.  
I love Willo. 

Stiff Sorcery

“The scent of rotting flesh, the cloying sweetness of fresh blood, and a thick miasma of bodily odors permeate the air around them, alerting all who know of Stiff Sorcery to their nature.”


Concept: “The tar greets you warmly”
Content: A Tar’Pir merchant. With boons to give.
Writing: A delightful mixture of childlike whimsy and terror. A naive horror.
Art/design: Delightfully drippy. Delicious contrast between light and dark.
Usability: Available at any tar pit near you, both illustrated and plaintext. 

The Lost Soul

Concept: “Fit for battle, eager for revenge, afraid of confrontation? Play the crybaby you always wanted to be!”
Inspired by The Binding of Isaac, this pint-size scvm ready to take on the Dying World
Standard character profile with two tables of special features (boons and blessings); overall arrangement is different from the standard organization, but at this scale, usability isn’t significantly affected
Facilitates reference during character creation and features a pretty expressive illustration
A very particular starting loadout; slightly more special features than standard, but still manageable
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