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Egg Chamber

Concept: “Fun room with an egg-citing NPC”
An egg-centric encounter; heavy on scatological humor
A balance of descriptive text and mechanics with some putrid and absurd imagery
Text heavy, but well stylized and organized around/in a map and illustration
Some elements may be a bit much for more squeamish players


Concept: “Unplanned parenthood”
The lair of an overgrown skele-duck and her soon-to-be-hatchlings
Straightforward descriptions punctuated with humor
Graphic design and illustration adds character but preserves easy usability
The PCs may get some new pets or a tasty meal

Mhâ'Nhârd's Hatchlings

Concept: “An ancient laboratory. 7 stone eggs. 1 empty. The liquid of life may breach their prison and death shall come to the one making the donation.”
A dungeon room with a secret best left undiscovered
Provides detailed lore and a monster stat block with a table for attacks
Provides a map and a pretty gnarly illustration
Just add blood


Concept: “A collection of the MOST DISGUSTING and terribly vile MONSTERS!” 
Content: Twenty of them, to be a little more specific.
Writing: Horrendously hilarious creations from tormented traditions. Malformed for the morbidly curious.
Art/design: Sharp points and serrated edges brutalize the darkly patterned forms of this miserable tome, contrasted occasionally by excruciatingly clinical white.
Usability: Richly stylized only where they know you’ll work for it. Legible everywhere it counts. 


Concept: “You have been ingested via an enormous aquatic beast. Everything in here is trying to kill you and you aren't sure where the heck the exit is.”
A surreal trip inside a very unique octopus.
Absurdist landscapes, “weather”, and loot to disorient your players.
Public domain octopus ingestion. In a digestible layout.
Eight invitations to wild, wet, and weird adventure.


Concept: “An egg hunt riddled with danger and reward!”
Lore, NPCs, items, and schedule for a high-stakes scavenger hunt in the Dying Land
A balance of lore and mechanics with lots of character folded into both
Laid out for easy reference, with graphic elements that add strange, supernatural character
A straightforward toolkit for a grimly humorous adventure


Concept: “1. Create a character 2. Have an EGG implanted inside you. 3. DIE...”
Content: A second chance at death.
Writing: Casually disgusting, clinically disturbing, implanted with body horror.
Art/design:  I hate to imagine what that man is doing with so many EGGs.
Usability: For the auto-cannibalistic Scvm. 

The Yoke of God

Concept: “Yes, yoke is spelled correctly”
Content: A church-raiding egg crawl.
Writing: A coherent adventure, with just enough egg left over to yoke yourself.
Art/design: A chaotic cathedral map that’s navigable with well-placed visual and textual references.
Usability: Don’t rely on the text alone. Cooks over easy. 

Thoughts and Prayers

7 contributors
Concept: “100% of the benefits are to be donated to Direct Relief.” 
Content: A porcine-deity crawl, NPCs to murder, a fallen angel hunt, more ways to break your body, d66 murder implements, a weird egg, some cool essays, and stuff for those other Kartell games.
Writing: Some great insight into how to run or design for rules light games, along with some truly Miserable examples.
Art/design: Dark, gritty, a little messy, and fun. 
Usability: You can identify the Swedish printing by (paper) weight. I’ll give you a hint, the title can be abbreviated TP. 
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