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Blighted Merman

Concept: “What is left of your humanity is pervaded by the tides and the salt-soaked waters that you now call your home.”
A character class adapted to aquatic environs
Class options provide mechanics, color, and some humor
Illustration helps to visualize the characteristic transformations
Aquatically oriented but usable in landlocked situations as well

Blood-Fueled Automation

Concept: “Of inscrutable origin and of unfathomable power, your chassis absorbs the blood of the living.”
Content: A blood-drinking robotic scvm.
Writing: Mechanically precise though not as soulless and inflexible as its titular subject.
Art/design: Superior in design, though not of machine precision. With a menacing full-color character illustration.
Usability: Ready to rip and tear. 

Boarding the Ouroboros

Concept: “… word has come to you from an old fisherman with great promise. He says he has seen a hulk adrift far from the shore and wants a crew of brave souls to climb aboard and plunder its riches.”
A maritime salvage adventure full of mutiny and mystery
Lots of atmospheric descriptive text along with well-written letters, stats for black powder and nautical weapons, and a whole slew of monsters
Nicely made maps; monochrome palette conveys the sensation of approaching and exploring the ship by night
Rotblack Sludge-inspired layout is extremely efficient

Bogfolk’s Silver

Concept: “Picked up any silver? Good for you, NOW ROLL A D20!!!” 
Content: Like normal silver, but probably fvcked.
Writing: Seven shiny new miseries* for those greedy scvm.
Art/design: Cursed silver coins fall, casting angled shadows across a plastered page. 
Usability: *Not “Miseries” in that sense. That fate is sealed.  

Dire Hunter

Concept: “Forever the hunter, never the prey.”
A macabre archery-based class
Conveys the character’s desperate upbringing and grim outlook
Laid out for easy reading with expressive typefaces, illustrations of arcane arrow types, and purple accents to unify the text and images
A daily mix of arcane arrow effects make a constantly varying ability set

FÖLK-LORE: Rendezvous & Romps

36 contributors
Concept: “What happens when the lore of our world collides with the Dying World of MÖRK BORG?”
The second volume of collected FÖLK-LORE Jam entries
Varies by author, see individual entries under the FÖLK-LORE Jam tag
Varies by entry; single-page entries are well balanced in spreads
Usability: Varies by entry, but it’s all Mörk Borg—how tough could it be?


Concept: “A tiny system for MÖRK BORG when rolling 4:3.”
A blank map of the Dying Land to track the progress of the prophesied fires
Includes instructions for use and a dire warning
Elegant and visually engaging in its contrasting aspects
A clever material (rather than mechanical) tool

Monkey Murder Manor

“The characters venture into the depths of the venerable Manor, attempt to steal treasure, uncover its dark secrets, and kill a lot of monkeys along the way.”

Monolith 1: Harvest

8 contributors
Concept: “A quarterly publication that focuses its cyclopean gaze on a single system with every issue”
Content: “A journey through dilapidated townsteads, rejuvenated fields and terrifying dungeons, with all the horrors you meet along the way”
Writing: The pedagogy of planting and population planning, and a forgotten temple to begotten basilisks, all aggressively annotated. 
Art/design: Darkly grotesque cultists, disturbed floral prints, cultured public domain illustrations, and colorful marginalia highlight the body text.
Usability: Organized, aside from a few intentionally frustrating almanac charts. But I’m sure you can manage those with a little old-fashioned spit and polish.


Concept: “An egg hunt riddled with danger and reward!”
Lore, NPCs, items, and schedule for a high-stakes scavenger hunt in the Dying Land
A balance of lore and mechanics with lots of character folded into both
Laid out for easy reference, with graphic elements that add strange, supernatural character
A straightforward toolkit for a grimly humorous adventure

The Abominable Bone Pit of Alteraxx

Concept: “The Abominable Bone Pit … appears throughout the lands seemingly at random but with singular purpose – to swell the ever-growing pile of material needed to fuel its unending tide of cursed creations.”
A monster generator with tables for legs, heads, powers, attacks, and tactics
Writing: Adds style and personality to the mechanics
Appropriately frames the text against a trippy red-and-black ground
Uses an assortment of dice, which you probably already have

The Occult Ossuary

28 contributors
Concept: “27 pieces exhumed from the depths of lavish graves, themed around skeletons, bones and skulls.”
“Classes, items, companions, monsters and encounters created by sacrilegious mind.”
A variety of styles, all appropriate to their content
Worth downloading just to check out the range of art and layouts
Complexity varies by entry but consistently easy to use

The Sunken Tome

Concept: “A collection of 17 spells to unleash in MÖRK BORG!”
Content: 8 unclean and sacred scrolls apiece, plus the more elaborate Cascading Rebirth
Writing: Concise spell descriptions and creature stat blocks
Art/design: Slick, monochrome Mörk Borginess
Usability: Readable and straightforward
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