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Blood-Fueled Automation

Concept: “Of inscrutable origin and of unfathomable power, your chassis absorbs the blood of the living.”
Content: A blood-drinking robotic scvm.
Writing: Mechanically precise though not as soulless and inflexible as its titular subject.
Art/design: Superior in design, though not of machine precision. With a menacing full-color character illustration.
Usability: Ready to rip and tear. 

Clockwork Phylactery

Concept: “play a clockwork entity.” 
Content: What it says on your chassis.
Writing: A storied production of a tragic automaton, human consciousness trapped in a clockwork frame.
Art/design: Some bright, color-coded text over a muted gray framework, with simple evocative illustrations of cogs and skulls to drive home its theme.
Usability: Not likely to make your gears slip. 

Level ? “Proving Grounds”

Concept: "A heavily driven dungeon level" 
Content: A railroad mine-cart torture funnel “fun”geon. 
Writing: Clear Mechanistic descriptions of actions and events at each station.
Art/design: Map, art, and text interleaved and coarsely integrated.
Usability: Beware the layout of station 6. Prepare a boring biography for station 4. 

Level Seven: Extreme Violence Engine

Concept: “a series of gratuitously violent encounters that all build the final encounter. You must survive!”
Content: A choose your own meat grinder adventure.
Writing: Focused on the core of role-playing: Decisions that make perfect sense at the time and the inevitable consequences that come later.
Art/design: Alternatingly hilarious and brutal. Text and images packed into the hopper and occasionally fed through the meat processor.
Usability: GM needs to keep track of some moving parts, but they seriously pay off in the end. An excellent option for a funnel adventure. 


Concept: “Seven Districs of Soot and Fire” 
Content: A swelling industrial nightmare for Mörktober 2023.
Writing: Effervescent prose depicts a strange and storied metropolis.
Art/design: A sprawling map erupting with cursed details.
Usability: Prompts for encounters in a unique urban setting. 
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