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Concept: “You find a well equipped corpse along the side of the road. It has no face. When you examine it more closely it breathes to you ‘don't pretend that I'm not alive’... ‘Find the stone circle, stop the Baphomets before they kill us all’”
Content: A phantom limb crawl.
Writing: A story-driven dungeon crawl of possession, exorcism, maggots, entrails, rituals, and blood.
Art/design: Grisly isometric map enshrined in vinyl, gruesome cover, and a track listing of an adventure layout.
Usability: Easy to read, simple to navigate, trivial to compel your scvm with a good old-fashioned possession. 

Blood to the Flames

Concept: “Some blood themed content”
Content: Tithe for the blood countess.
Writing: Bloody simple, sensuous, and effective.
Art/design: A spacious and symbolic design.
Usability: Uses 5e style advantage mechanics.  


Concept: “Dance! Dance because there is no tomorrow!”
Content: Dancing for omens.
Writing: Desperate mechanics capture the frenetic energy of ecstasy. 
Art/design: Text and visual elements suggest an out of body experience.
Usability: Best performed in a wide open space. 

Hecatomb Diviner

Concept: “Have you ever wanted to kill a lot of animals and learn mystic truths, maybe even see the future in their intestines, blood pools, or death spasms?”
Content: A enthusiastically sacrificial scvm.
Writing: Four-item menu of sacrificial offerings for omens where size matters. 
Art/design: Modern flair contrasts the traditional ritual sacrifice.
Usability: Strong visual elements which do not significantly disrupt the text. You decide if scvm count as sacrificial creatures. 

Helm of Awe

Concept: “Enter as three and be free”
Content: A Norse myth puzzle crawl.
Writing: Encounters that heavily reference mythological events and figures.
Art/design: A map and protective ward.
Usability: More likely to confound the enemies of the Æsir.

Negotiation of Fate

Concept: “Powerful runes capable of altering one’s fate in exchange of their vitality.”
Content: Trade life for luck.
Writing: A simple, evocative, (and miserable) tradeoff.
Art/design: A willing supplicant waits before the carved runes.
Usability: Strong visual design makes for an easy, engaging read. 
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