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Concept: “You find a well equipped corpse along the side of the road. It has no face. When you examine it more closely it breathes to you ‘don't pretend that I'm not alive’... ‘Find the stone circle, stop the Baphomets before they kill us all’”
Content: A phantom limb crawl.
Writing: A story-driven dungeon crawl of possession, exorcism, maggots, entrails, rituals, and blood.
Art/design: Grisly isometric map enshrined in vinyl, gruesome cover, and a track listing of an adventure layout.
Usability: Easy to read, simple to navigate, trivial to compel your scvm with a good old-fashioned possession. 

Ashes of Käsedorf

Concept: “You crawl from the ruins of Käsedorf with a grudge... Go now, while you still have the strength to make a difference.” 
Content: A beast hunting, rubble looting, post-battle ruin crawl.
Writing: A classic silver-chasing hexcrawl with a surprising level of motivation and intrigue.
Art/design: Vibrantly recolored and overlaid prints produce an impressionistic collage.
Usability: Organized into rough narrative sections to aid in reference during play. 

Blood to the Flames

Concept: “Some blood themed content”
Content: Tithe for the blood countess.
Writing: Bloody simple, sensuous, and effective.
Art/design: A spacious and symbolic design.
Usability: Uses 5e style advantage mechanics.  

Crypt of the Ten Fates

Concept: “Help your players be more badass…or kill themselves in even more creative ways!” 
Content: Advanced “What’s in the box?”
Writing: Includes “Insert Travel & Ritual Sacrifice Montage”, and ten miserable fates.
Art/design: Yellow, black, and pink in a practiced, simple, and humorous style.
Usability: Very yellow, not to be taken seriously. 

Dead Festival 3

Concept: “A hallowed night has come” 
Content: “A Forbidden Psalm and Last War Annual mini-expansion for the spookiest of months”
Writing: Understated official briefings on four harrowing subterranean misadventures and a desperate last stand against the dark.
Art/design: Found documents and strangely doctored battlefield illustrations and photographs.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm core rules or The Last War variant. 

Duncan Hall’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Tables & Trivilities

Concept: Duncan Hall’s Little Mörktober Calendar of Horrors.
Content: “31 random generators, monsters, items, and so forth made throughout the month of October 2023.”
Writing: A tortuous elaboration from its initial prompts, full of wit and wretchedness.
Art/design: Sketches, photo bashes, full-color illustrations, and doodles in a filthy day calendar format.
Usability: Most fun when printed on a sticky note calendar. 


Concept: “Dance! Dance because there is no tomorrow!”
Content: Dancing for omens.
Writing: Desperate mechanics capture the frenetic energy of ecstasy. 
Art/design: Text and visual elements suggest an out of body experience.
Usability: Best performed in a wide open space. 

GVix’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Phantasmagoric Entries

Concept: "31 Phantasmagoric Entries”
Content: “A compilation of all my postcard-entries for Exeunt Press' MÖRKTOBER challenge”
Writing: An impish collection of grisly gifts, ghastly guests, and grim tables for rules and quests.
Art/design: Heavy-bordered postcards of inked and crosshatched illustrations in an array of bright uniform colors.
Usability: Available in individual postcard PDF, or advertisement spread png. 

Hecatomb Diviner

Concept: “Have you ever wanted to kill a lot of animals and learn mystic truths, maybe even see the future in their intestines, blood pools, or death spasms?”
Content: A enthusiastically sacrificial scvm.
Writing: Four-item menu of sacrificial offerings for omens where size matters. 
Art/design: Modern flair contrasts the traditional ritual sacrifice.
Usability: Strong visual elements which do not significantly disrupt the text. You decide if scvm count as sacrificial creatures. 

Helm of Awe

Concept: “Enter as three and be free”
Content: A Norse myth puzzle crawl.
Writing: Encounters that heavily reference mythological events and figures.
Art/design: A map and protective ward.
Usability: More likely to confound the enemies of the Æsir.

Martyred Apostate

Concept:  “An unholy manifestation, an enslaved soul of idolatry, even in death they pray for salvation.” 
Content: “A homemade new pet/relic/mercenary”
Writing: A willing sacrifice in the name of any who can enthrall them.
Art/design: Colored prints, miniatures, and text integrated in a collective sacrifice.
Usability: Less hostile than it looks. 

Monolith 1: Harvest

8 contributors
Concept: “A quarterly publication that focuses its cyclopean gaze on a single system with every issue”
Content: “A journey through dilapidated townsteads, rejuvenated fields and terrifying dungeons, with all the horrors you meet along the way”
Writing: The pedagogy of planting and population planning, and a forgotten temple to begotten basilisks, all aggressively annotated. 
Art/design: Darkly grotesque cultists, disturbed floral prints, cultured public domain illustrations, and colorful marginalia highlight the body text.
Usability: Organized, aside from a few intentionally frustrating almanac charts. But I’m sure you can manage those with a little old-fashioned spit and polish.

Negotiation of Fate

Concept: “Powerful runes capable of altering one’s fate in exchange of their vitality.”
Content: Trade life for luck.
Writing: A simple, evocative, (and miserable) tradeoff.
Art/design: A willing supplicant waits before the carved runes.
Usability: Strong visual design makes for an easy, engaging read. 

The Dragon Ships

Concept: “From the barren wastelands to the towers of Grift, all have come to quake at the sight of the Dragon Ships.” 
Content: Melodramatic dragon ship marauders, a raid scenario generator, and a fury-filled class.
Writing: Presented with gonzo enthusiasm and punctuated brutality.
Art/design: Runes, round shields, and longships invade blocks of organized (and occasionally highlighted) plaintext.
Usability: Legible, organized, and accessible.  

The Hungering Halls of Haat the Pitiful

Concept: “Lost, tired, and starved... you are greeted by a pitiful small man who offers a tour of the wonders within while trying to hide blood stains on the floor.” 
Content: A pitifully persistent guided tour-crawl
Writing: A thoroughly unexpected escort quest with positively soul-wrenching implications.
Art/design: A gritty map and thoroughly splattered reference text in a dramatic and high-contrast pamphlet layout.
Usability: Stylish text that is legible in print or at full resolution. 
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