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Means of discovering secrets and seeing the future

A Fire of Luscious Secrets & Ambrosian Truths

Concept: “Feed my fire, o traveler, / And one revelation shall be yours.”
Burn something (anything) in exchange for an answer to one question
A mix of poetic flavor and prose rules
Limited typographical and color choices create visual coherence and interconnection amongst parts
Simple with only one formal mechanic 

Erroneous Revelations

Concept: “He experimented a lot with divination, mainly trying to make it easier, often at the cost of accuracy.”
Content: A scroll to bring about an unlikely future.
Writing: Hilariously un-prophetic.
Art/design: Serious layout belies decidedly humorous contents.
Usability: Specificity adds to the hilarity. 

Hecatomb Diviner

Concept: “Have you ever wanted to kill a lot of animals and learn mystic truths, maybe even see the future in their intestines, blood pools, or death spasms?”
Content: A enthusiastically sacrificial scvm.
Writing: Four-item menu of sacrificial offerings for omens where size matters. 
Art/design: Modern flair contrasts the traditional ritual sacrifice.
Usability: Strong visual elements which do not significantly disrupt the text. You decide if scvm count as sacrificial creatures. 

Oko Tree

Concept: “What does the tree see in your future?”
An fate-facing encounter transplantable into travel or crawls
A concise table of 6 fortunes
Nice synergy of colors, illustration, and background design
A d6 tells you what the future holds

Roll the Bones

Concept: “Roll as many d20 as you would dare – THROW THE BONES!!!”
Content: A push-your-luck osteomancy mini-game.
Writing: An engaging and highly variable results table with mechanics that simultaneously reward and punish you for more dice.
Art/design: Bones rendered in stippled newsprint with a sleek serif font.
Usability: Bonus points if you use bone dice. 

The King's Treasure

Concept: “Three magickal items inspired my Florence and the Machine's new song ‘King’ ”
Kingly artifacts of fickle ambition.
Utilitarian. Allowing the rules to tell each story.
Art/design: Clean Layout, Mörkish Sensibilities, Black on Yellow with a hint of Red.
Legible text with descriptive mechanics. Occasionally open to interpretation.

The Salmon of Knowledge

Concept: “You chance upon a skillet that crackles gently atop an open fire.”
Eating of this oracular ichthyoid grants a peak into the future (for better or worse)
Sharp and sensuous
An elegant, visually interesting composition
Eat the fish, win a prize 
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