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Concept: “A heavy-duty tri-fold stuffed full of 216 things you might find, see, touch, feel, hear, taste, or smell in the Dying Lands.”  
Content: Six d66 tables...
Writing: Delightfully fvcked.
Art/Design: A very red, very vertical trifold
Usability: Great for the living, and the dead. 

A Farewell to Arms

Concept: “A record of Paladins’ dealings with the scum of the dying world and contains … the fullness of the everlasting virtue of uptight and haughty Paladins.”
Includes weapons, hirelings, monsters, and classes—most of Mörk Borg’s main food groups
Mostly descriptions and mechanical features of each entry, but also includes some thematic literary quotations
A huge array of public domain art in a variety of styles with some original artwork to boot
Highly modular and great for a snack

All Things Fragrant and Foul

Concept: “Mork Borg can be overwhelmingly nasty. Why not balance that with some beauty? And also add even more misery. 
Content: New rules, eight classes, and an afterlife-spanning adventure. Also sports.
Writing: A meditation on duality. With a serious tone contained within all its dubious fragrance.
Art/design: A highly interactive and reversible design with upright and inverted text interleaved beautifully.
Usability: Designed for print. Flip the book. My condolences to page 5. 

Carmine, blood-drenched skeleton

“Blood as a weapon. You feel it in your bones...because that's all you have left.”

Descended like a dove...

Concept: “A puzzle ridden adventure with a very different enemy waiting at the end”
A four-room dungeon with an ironic take on Christian iconography
Clearly describes the surreal dynamics of the dungeon and puzzle solutions
Typographical choices make the dungeon easy to read and reference; illustrations and other design elements contribute to the overall atmosphere
For expediency, GMs should review thoroughly before playing


Concept: “They are everywhere. They  are above you, beneath you; runtted minions of the end Itself.”
Rat swarm à la Mörk Borg
A standard stat block with a bit of grimly humorous descriptive text
Expressive typography and an illustration that reinforces the concept without being too graphic
Well laid out for readability

Entombed Bookkeeper

Concept: “Trapped in the darkest and forgotten places of the world, the Entombed Bookkeeper hordes its trinkets and knowledge.”
A middle-weight monster with a covetous streak
Concise with some humorous rimshots
Smart, ergonomic stylization and orientation of text around and within the central image
I feel personally satirized

Errant Fool

Concept: “What if the hero of the story was anything but? Thinking themselves invincible, ready to take on the day and save the world. Sweet Svmmer child, how foolish can you be?”
A delusional, quixotic knight
Conveys the class’s double nature well in both descriptions and mechanics
Judicious use of color adds emphasizes important features of the image and the text
Designed and laid out for easy reference; in play, carries greater risks than other classes (but that’s half the concept’s fun) 

Farewell to Arms REDUX (Ashcan Version)

Concept: “The Dying Lands have never been peaceful... Yet now, few would call that old world violent – not like this.”  
Content: A setting primer, sample adventure, and rules for playing Grvnt’s in the Dying Lands.
Writing: Clear introduction and tutorial to the alternate rules and setting, with guidance on where the complete game will expand upon them.
Art/Design: A colorful but simple layout, minimal but well-chosen art, designed for practical reference. 
Usability: Ready for war. Or at least a skirmish. 

Freakface Toad

Concept: The title pretty much says it all
A seriously ugly—and poisonous—toad
Minimal stats and concise special ability descriptions
Seriously ugly toad
Good for a surprising but not probably not lethal encounter

Ghost of a Ghost

Concept: “If a ghost is the left over soul and mind stripped of its flesh, then what is a ghost of a ghost?” 
Content: Ghosts² 
Writing: A metaphysical question, a horrifying conclusion.
Art/design: A de-saturated, isolated, background focused on a stalking pile of ectoplasm. 
Usability: Easy and clean layout. 


Concept: “Made for the IKILLYA katalog jam”
A variety of furniture and smaller accessories with special abilities (except for that one chair that’s just a chair)
Entries intentionally read like cloying advertisement copy
A range of layouts and design choices typically oriented on and around illustrations and other images
“IKILLYA takes no responsibility for the untimely death of anyone(s) who is in possession of an IKILLYA product.” You’ve been warned.

Julafton Karl

Concept: “It doesn’t care if you live or die, it just wants to see you struggle, have hope, and then take it away.”
Content: This IKHON commands the “blessings” of a “charitable” spirit.
Writing: Rules and mechanics blend in the style of visual poetry.
Art/design: Playful and mischievous typographic elements channel this agent of chaos.
Usability: The dynamic design elements complement the rules, seldom distract. The chaos feels intentional. 


Concept: “The perfect lifeform created by the child thief Tergol; created by his experimentations in the Alchemy of Flesh. Nothing can kill it, but men have tried.”
A monster in the key of Ridley Scott
A minimal, efficient stat block with a touch of humor
Central image adapts Giger’s subject to the Mörk Borg aesthetic; yellow emphasizes stat block components for quick reference
The name roughly translates to “hunter-killer,” and there’s a reason for that

Mehr Licht!

“A band of missionaries from the Creton Order of the Church of HE has built a new chapel just outside the village. … Some have greeted them with open arms. … Others see this as nothing more than an overreach from Galgenbeck.” 
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