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Slasher Jam Compilation

A Mörkdrom on Borg Street

“When the PCs fall asleep, roll for the location and makeup of the NIGHTMARE ENTITY. … The PCs will awaken in a Dream World where they will face the entity.”

Born of a Bloody Film

“Pulled from a pit of refuse, ever-shadowed corners, a plane of agony, and the fabric of nightmares itself, these terrifying creatures will stalk, scare, torture, and possess any hapless fools who stumble into their realms.”

Court of the Grand Executioner

“A pit where the inquisition throws heritics deserving of the worst of fates”

Cultist Zombies

“Lore for the zombies, 7 new monsters fully illustrated, a table of random mutation for the zombies (or your players if they pray to the right entity), a dungeon! full of deadly traps scary monsters and super freaks”

Dead by Dawn

“The Necronomicon. Written in blood and bound in human skin, it granted power over death itself. As the world began to fall apart, the location of the book was forgotten, and it hasn’t been seen since.”

Gregor's Folly

“There would be agony and pain enough to draw the eyes of Nechrubel. Gregor would lead the faithful from perdition into the Shimmering Fields.”

Hail the Rat God

“‘The Rat God’ is not her name. You are not worthy of her name. HAIL THE RAT GOD.”

Mehr Licht!

“A band of missionaries from the Creton Order of the Church of HE has built a new chapel just outside the village. … Some have greeted them with open arms. … Others see this as nothing more than an overreach from Galgenbeck.” 

Mind-Jester of Oak Road

“A Trickster of Sleep and the Sandman's assassin who tortures their victims with a cackling grim and a pair of brain-rending claws!”


“You emerge from the fog to find the east end of the village deserted and in ruin. On the wind, you hear a faint voice calling, "I will kill them all." You turn to leave, but mist obscures the way. There is no exit.”

Slasher Victims

Concept: “In the worlds of slasher horror movies, victims are archetypal and there is only one of each.”
A toolkit for building slasher-movie player characters
Concise and descriptive as content dictates
A bloody mess, but in the good way
Also includes a table for giving a special slasher-movie power to an adversary

Slasher's Blade

Concept: “This blade pulses with the tortured memories of its myriad victims, and also the murderous power of those whom have wielded it.”
The archetypal implement of the classic horror movie antagonist
Some flavor text and 4 random effects
Gritty, grungy, and very yellow
Pointy end goes toward the victim 


“An expansion that adds hollywood-style slashers to the Dying World”

The Black Stallion Manor Massacre

“Once renowned stables where boys and girls from all over the country came to be trained in the delicate art of horse mastery. But those days are gone, and a shadow lurks in the vast tree-filled park.”
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