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Gizmo the Bugbear

Book of Misery Volume 2: Mork Borg

Concept: “So you're still unprepared??!!!”
Content: A witch’s tome of classes, monsters, artifacts, followers, adventures—and misery.
Writing: Provides exposition to provide backstory to the various monsters, artifacts, and followers to facilitate the unprepared storyteller.
Art/design: Coarse and violent textures produce evocative creature illustrations. Variety in overall design decisions produce a collaborative zine aesthetic.
Usability: Enough content to sprinkle a little variety into your Mörk Borg if you find yourself in need of inspiration.

Colour of the Void

Concept: “for use with any level adventurer because they’re all doomed anyway”
Missing persons in the valley of unfortunate undead. Desecrated tomb. Horror unleashed.
Cinematic style narrative encounters. Flexible dungeon crawl descriptions.
Mix of comic style art & open-source images. Experiments with borders and breaks.
Cinematic style adventure. Clear maps with traditional indexes. Referenceable mechanics.


“Enter into the St. Verhu Acadamy and discover the dark secret lying below.”

Frozen Hellscape

“Ever wanted to go to the frozen, colourless wastes of Kergus? Fancy introducing your party of renegades and hopeless vagabonds to an oversized, selfish gangster running the underside of Galgenbeck?”

Mork Tract

“10 new weapons with interesting properties...mostly historical[,] A loot table! Town/Settlement generator[,] Quest hooks! And a monster generator!”

Mörk Ages

“A supplement designed to give a loose basis to set your game within the realms of the dark ages”

Pork Borg

“A small village, which each night receives a vicious attack from an unknown entity”

Retro Throwback

Concept: “A zany zine that contains some rethought OSR races/classes... creatures... spells in the form of Arcane Scrolls... [and more]” 
Content: Traditional OSR classes, creatures, spells, and magical legumes?
Writing: Good-natured irreverence of older fantasy RPG tropes.
Art/design: A broad variety of textual elements, layouts, and illustrations with a hint of coarseness.
Usability: Consistency in styles within sections aid in navigation.  

The Great Fighting Pot

Concept: “The former soul of a warrior or scholar, infused with a living jar body. 
Hardened external armour and a hardy spirit!”
Content: Scvm in a pot.
Writing: Cinematic class abilities make for one surprisingly engaging crock. 
Art/design: A jar that’s pumping iron, and it’s ready to smash. Easy to print layout with textual elements that encourage a kinematic reading experience.
Usability: Scvm like a warrior pot, rule with an iron fist, die like a crackpot. 

The Melting

Concept: “The further you walk from the city, the stranger the land gets. All that salt in the air does things to the mind. Of late, people wandering the wilds around Grift are not returning.
Content: A haunted house dungeon with strong supernatural and body horror themes.
Writing: Effectively utilizes mechanics to reinforce descriptive horror elements.
Art/design: Distressed gritty zine aesthetic, playful use of sidebar layout, eclectic style with striking visual elements.
Usability: Useful mini map highlights for reference. Some horror elements require DM engagement to be most effective. Come to the table prepared. 

The Spire of Spite

Concept: “a small lighthouse on the cliffs of Allians, each floor houses a mysterious character with an interesting but vague past.”
A pocket zine tower adventure. Three floors, three factions, and a treasure table. Flexible as a social or combat encounter.
Sensory descriptions distinguish rooms. NPCs play to (and against) fantasy tropes.
Simple printer-friendly layout with a welcome splash of color.
Usability: Consistent visual cues aid quick reference and jog memory. Descriptive text is a bit small (it is a pocket zine).  

Tower of Insanity

“Mind-bending aberrations, a BBEG from out of this dimension, insanity and madness table and more.”

Ultraviolent Floating Halls

“The father, using his woodcutting axe, massacred his family. He hasn't been seen since.”
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