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Book of Misery

Book of Misery Volume 2: Mork Borg

Concept: “So you're still unprepared??!!!”
Content: A witch’s tome of classes, monsters, artifacts, followers, adventures—and misery.
Writing: Provides exposition to provide backstory to the various monsters, artifacts, and followers to facilitate the unprepared storyteller.
Art/design: Coarse and violent textures produce evocative creature illustrations. Variety in overall design decisions produce a collaborative zine aesthetic.
Usability: Enough content to sprinkle a little variety into your Mörk Borg if you find yourself in need of inspiration.

The Thinking Thinker

Concept: “Through many alchemical experiments you have mastered not only your wit and intellect but also, well, actually that’s it. But still you’re smart!”
A brainiac character class
Standard class profile with origins and special features
Borgy but readable graphic design with an appropriately bizarre illustration
You don’t have to be a big thinker to play one
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