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Valley of the Unfortunate Undead

Bone Heart Crusaders

“Heeding the call of Adalbert the Warhawk, a host assembled. Thousands of starving soldiers took up sword, flail, cross, and shield. Fight for life, fight to the death.”

Colour of the Void

Concept: “for use with any level adventurer because they’re all doomed anyway”
Missing persons in the valley of unfortunate undead. Desecrated tomb. Horror unleashed.
Cinematic style narrative encounters. Flexible dungeon crawl descriptions.
Mix of comic style art & open-source images. Experiments with borders and breaks.
Cinematic style adventure. Clear maps with traditional indexes. Referenceable mechanics.

Fathomless Despair

Concept: “Death is the least of your concerns if you are foolish enough to visit this horrible and dark place. The air and soil are filled with the stench of undeath as a lingering evil makes its presence known to all who explore this desolate land.”
Content: A pocket map of the Valley of Unfortunate Undead. Complete with its creatures, and contents.
Writing: A historical account of the valley’s many ruins and follies, and a brief taxonomy of the undead they left behind. Intended to inspire not direct.
Art/design: Efficient grouping, color coding, and placement accommodate each aesthetic flourish. 
Usability: Can be folded to fit in your pocket. Designed to minimize flipping. Pre-record the creature stats to truly optimize your experience. 

Return to the Valley of Despair

Concept: “More ideas to use when the player characters make the mistake of visiting that wretched valley of undeath.”
Content: Random (& less random) encounters, monsters, and artifacts for those who roam The Valley of Unfortunate Undead.
Writing: Pithy adventure ideas which can easily be woven together or into an existing campaign.
Art/design: Vibrant and well-integrated high fantasy art. Functional and emphasized random table elements.
Usability: Optimized for a poster format, but easily navigable as a digital file. 
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