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Abyss of Hallucinations, Vol 2

7 contributors
Concept: “None remains but thought, and this verily is false”
Content: A guidebook to the abyss and its transformations. 9 “Locations”, 12 occult relics, Chaos, 6 denizens of the abyss, D77 Corpses, arcane Miseries, a dungeon generator, and a damn anti-puzzle. Not to mention the included chance at rebirth.
Writing: Highly symbolic, deeply layered. At times tragic, ironic, paradoxical, and funny. You’ll get out what you put in. Honestly, “Do what thou wilt”
Art/design: A gorgeous physical specimen, clad in textured pink and gold.
Usability: Strong map illustrations, stylized headers, and clear structure lend clarity to a chaotic realm. 

Flail to the Face Episode 5 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our fifth episode of Flail to the Face, we give you the "battery" that our GM ran us through as a travel montage of sorts. Enjoy!” 
Content: A walk through the Valley of the Unfortunate Undead
Writing: Desolate tables capture the valley’s supernaturally oppressive melancholy. With GM annotations full of helpful advice.
Art/design: Barren amber valleys desiccate under clouded golden skies. 
Usability: References, “Eat, Prey, Kill”, “D66 Flails”, and “Candelabra of Blood”. 

Long Nights

Concept: “A skeletal creature, a prophet and philosopher, dwells upon a mountain of flesh. His touch grants power, escape, and ecstasy; but he is stingy.”
Content: A nocturnal collection of one desert, four monsters, and ten artifacts.
Writing: Deliciously ambiguous. Full of tantalizing details to expand upon at your table.
Art/design: A saturated full-color layout as textured as the dunes and spacious as a desert night.
Usability: Gorgeous and dark. Guaranteed to kill inkjet printers. 
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