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The Rolled Standard

Detested Luckleech

Concept: “In The Dying World, there are few things that will keep you alive longer than pure dumb fvcking luck, and you’re loaded with it.”
Content: One fvcking lucky scvm. One reprehensible Omen thief.
Writing: Optimized for maximum intra-party conflict.
 Art/design: A lucky scvm amidst a field of green and white text.
Usability: Stylish and organized for easy navigation.  

Mendacious Lycanthrope

Concept: “Awakening in the gray dawn, you feel the shift once again. They say it's the moon that does it, but you know the truth, though you'd never admit it.”  
Content: A scvm lying about a serious skin condition.
Writing: Full blooded in theme. With mechanics and prose reinforcing natural tension.
Art/design: Loud and violent. Bursting out of the page whether you’re ready or not.
Usability: A powerful yet high risk class. Monster stats are an invitation to turn on the party.

Nightmare Executioner

Concept: “The executioner's here and he's sharpening his axe.” 
Content: A real axe-man.
Writing: Mechanics that are both brutal and final, as an executioner should be.
Art/design: A weathered and muted layout for an executioner numb to death.
Usability: Just one swing and the job is done. 

Plague Pit Practitioner

Concept: “The pestilence doesn't dissuade you from your duty. This is what you were made to do, shepherd the dying and immolate the dead. Anything to stop the spread.”
Content: An enthusiastic epidemiologist.
Writing: The medieval prepper’s treatise on disease, with surprisingly little malpractice.
Art/design: Rich UV-purple sterilizes a precarious plague-doctor.
Usability: Certainly not inhumane.

Tomb of the Old Dead One

Concept: “Treasure hunters, a bottomless pit with a terrible secret, long-forgotten cells containing the corpses of people nobody remembers anymore, and the animated skull of a necromancer giant. What more do you need?”
Content: A dungeon with a necromancer’s animated giant skull giant animated necromancer skull necromancer giant’s animated skull.
Writing: Short and sweet, lets the mechanics tell the story. with clear references to the core rules where needed.
Art/design: A simple and accessible map of pink and yellow surrounded with alternating lay colored blocks of text.
Usability: Text coloration allows for easy visual reference and navigation.
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