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Flail to the Face Episode 4 Companion

Concept: “In honor of our fourth episode of Flail to the Face, we give you a 2d8 table of things that can happen to you when you fall down. Enjoy!” 
Content: An entire slapstick comedy skit involving stairs.
Writing: Completely unrealistic, in that hilariously morbid way. Maybe not the laughing at your friends part. That seems pretty legit.
Art/design: Ominously yellow light highlights some dangerously crooked stares, belying the absolute comedy about to ensue.
Usability: Watch your step. You don't want to fall down the stairs. 

Flail to the Face Episode 7 Companion

6 contributors
Concept: “In honor of our seventh episode of Flail to the Face, we give you d20 Random Things Behind Closed Doors” 
Content: D20 reasons to just close the door and pretend it never happened.
Writing: Absurd scenarios delivered with believably serious specificity.
Art/design: Text that frames some serious mahogany, with stained glass that lets in no light.
Usability: As a reward for the over-enthusiastic door checker. 

The Antechoir's Anchorites

Concept: “The Anchorites are heretic beings who live in a mythic dimension... Their unholy goal is to find the meaning and boundaries of pleasure and pain.”
Content: Four iconic explorers of the boundaries of pleasure and pain.
Writing: Mechanics tempt your scvm into risky propositions in search of assistance or new experiences.
Art/design: Four sensuous depictions of the Anchorites with ample—blocks of text.
Usability:  Not excessively torturous. 
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