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Anthelia’s Visage

Concept: “He spent the last days of his life carving a statue of his beloved Anthelia... leaving only a window into the chamber, that people may look upon them in their reverence.” 
Content: An ink spilling, statue smashing cavern crawl.
Writing: A dark folk-tale narrative for scvm to trample right through.
Art/design: A mixture of print and splattered ink illustration across a flowing adventure layout.
Usability: Consistent visual cues guide readers through the adventure. 


Concept: “Stalking among ancient graves, the cursed Barghuest is an omen of imminent death.” 
Content: Not the ghuest you’d want to visit.
Writing: An absolutely brutal curse wrapped in a canine-shaped package.
Art/design: Dynamic and high contrast three-tone red/black/white layout with a cursed illustration. 
Usability: Don’t just murk your high-level scvm. Make them suffer. 

Black Poodle

Concept: “Eyes like embers of hell that pierce deep inside you. The BLACK POODLE taunts its victims – attacking only when it is provoked.”
A cunning, monstrous hound that can induce fight, flight, or freeze responses in PCs
Describes sinister behavior alongside stat block and Specials
Gets a lot of aesthetic mileage out of a relatively limited set of elements
Definitive proof that poodles are jerks

Black Shuck

Concept: “A small town is visited upon by a curious beast that is hell bent on slaughtering the townsfolk. Looks like you sought shelter from the storm in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
A short, isolation-horror scenario
Concise and to the point: “The dog must die!”
Easy-to-read columns of text and an illustration (just in case your players don’t understand the concept of giant, black, bloody-mouthed dog)
Not a good boi

Black Shuck

Concept: “Prowling the shadows near gallows, battlefields, and other sites of violent death, Black Shuck is a foul omen.”
A supernatural portent of impending death (yours)
An even split between descriptive text and mechanics
Text is also visually split by the central image of Black Shuck
Easy to use but difficult to kill, making him ideal to hound your players with

Black Shuck

Concept: “An aphotic fur that almost seems invisible to the naked eye.”
A formidable four-legged opponent
Quick, concise stat block
Relatively conservative but with an expressive illustration
A challenge for lower- and even mid-level scvm; dog biscuits probably won’t improve its reaction

Blaze Marches East

Concept: “A fire-breathing, Colchis-complected horse homunculus; a flock of crows strung to it by a cacophony of clanging cables.”
This composite monster doesn’t start fights but will most definitely end them
Some verse and a paragraph describing behavior; no stats other than damage
An excellent illustration and color-coordinated text blocks
A strong motivator to resolve conflicts without violence

Bork Borg

Concept: “Drastically increases the quantity and variety of dog options”
Dog breeds, dog-related items, an optional dog-based class, rules for dog PCs (with their own optional classes), and a dog-centered adventure
Clearly and affectionately written with a clever shift to the dog’s POV in the dog-PC section
Designed for easy reading and navigation with graphic touches like a dog-head border and pawprints across pages
Sit. Stay. Good.

Buster Bone-Gnawer, Börker of Shadows

Concept: “An ageless hound protects the Dying World from succumbing to Psalm 6:1.”
Stats and abilities for, and boons granted by, scvm’s best friend
Mostly mechanics but includes some descriptive text to add character
Conventional Mörk Borg layout and design with some trippy artwork and an obligatory femur
This good boi is eager to please

Could This Be Dog?

“Visions of dog therefore no dog ahead
Ahh dog, let there be dog
Dog, O dog but still no dog”
Content: An adventure with both more and less dog than expected.
Writing: Solid straight-faced delivery of a laughable case of mistaken temple identity. 
Art/design: A vaguely canine dungeon map, with clean navigable two column format, and a turtle-ish flourish.
Usability: Make sure to play up the visual elements to drive home the absurdity of the situation. Decide on the identity of earthbound that best suits your table. Many map design options.

Cuore di Cane/Dog's days are over

Concept: “‘Old tales are told about the Sepulchre beyond the marshes. It's said to be haunted by the spirits of the dead,’ she murmurs... ‘Many set out to plunder the dead, and none ever return.’” 
Content: A heart-crushing, marsh-trudging, corpse-raising sepulcher crawl.
Writing: A sense of sanctity embodies its dungeon descriptions, contrasting the poverty and desperation of the Galgenbeck alley rumors which frame the adventure.
Art/design: Desiccated gray-scale memento mori highlight a structured top-down map and tidy two-column layout.
Usability: Illustrated and plain maps are available separately. Adventure is presented in both English and Italian. 


Concept: “A large spectral Fey hound”
A folkloric fairy dogs and some hooks for encountering them
Provides lots of background on behavior and intricate rules for its howl ability
Relatively conservative layout and design with enough visual flair to be distinctively Mörky
Fairly simple mechanics, lots of lore for the GM to play with 

Demon Dogrider / Hellhound

Concept: “Your growth has been stunted by a dark pact that binds you to a canid companion and feeds its fury.”
A lance-wielding goblin class with a beastly mount
Includes standard class profile (the mount, not rider, benefit from class features) and a stat block for the hellhound
Text heavy, but uses color to organize sections and highlight important information
As a composite character, poses certain risks but also provides particular benefits

Druidic Forest Stalker

Concept: “Have you ever wanted a familiar that could eat your soul?” 
Content: Soul-sucking forest ranger with an unfaithful friend.
Writing: A disturbing assortment of companions with a generous helping of soul-snacking. 
Art/design: A masked, horned, and cloaked figure dispassionately observes a shadowed glade of text and skulls.
Usability: Kill things, steal souls, get good. 

Duncan Hall’s Mörktober 2023 – 31 Tables & Trivilities

Concept: Duncan Hall’s Little Mörktober Calendar of Horrors.
Content: “31 random generators, monsters, items, and so forth made throughout the month of October 2023.”
Writing: A tortuous elaboration from its initial prompts, full of wit and wretchedness.
Art/design: Sketches, photo bashes, full-color illustrations, and doodles in a filthy day calendar format.
Usability: Most fun when printed on a sticky note calendar. 
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