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Ancient Skin

Concept: “One of you dregs is plagued with a maddening itch and not only that – the skin is starting to rot. They say Mausoleum Knutha, on the edge of the graveyard Graven-Tosk, holds the only known cure.”
A complex and variable (not to mention twisted) crawl through Sarkash
Efficient but vivid descriptions of locations and inhabitants punctuated by grim wit
Marvelous maps; type design helps map the connections amongst locations and items
Provides checkboxes to track variables (but if you mark this pamphlet, you’re a heathen and you deserve whatever misery befalls you)
*Backer reward for original Kickstarter campaign; special thanks to Johan for providing a copy of this rare little gem

Brain Pest

Concept: “After eating some mushrooms from the depths of Sarkash, a tribe of goblins seems to have grown intelligent.
Content: Mushroom powered hyper intelligent goblins.
Writing: Mechanics provide an interesting abstraction of tactical superiority.
Art/design: Tiny goblins plague a victim behind the prominent text bars.
Usability: Bounty not included. 

Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest

Concept: “You are lost. You are dead.”
A random pointcrawl through Sarkash, 6 original thematic classes, and optional rules and gear that add more conceptual depth and distinction without straying from the Mörk Borg core
Brooding and grim with an undertone of forlorn optimism; extremely effective in conveying the intended tone and atmosphere
Visually diverse art and typographical choices unified by a focus on the setting and themes
Deliberately deals with sexism and trauma; intended as a self-contained module, but the adventure and classes can be used with other Mörk Borg content

Drafts: Dead Girl Classes, Dead Girls in Sarkash Forest, Encounters in Sarkash Forest


Concept: “You’ve heard whispers of a collector, deep in the Sarkash forest who pays handsomely for the corpses of men.”
Content: Graverobbery for a mysterious benefactor.
Writing: A simple organic reproduction of a violently transformational movie.
Art/design: Loud compositions, vibrant colors, grunge, and visual interest.
Usability: Memorable, referenceable, legible. 

Lavandeiras & Biosbardos

Concept: “An encounter with the ghostly midnight washerwomen” &  “A quest to hunt some (maybe not so real) animals”
Nocturnal spirits who entice you to do your own laundry, for weal or woe;  a ruse of an adventure with multiple potential climaxes
Includes descriptive text sets the scene and mechanics to determine the outcome;  very concise but with adequate, compelling imagery and appeal
Efficient design choices delineate segments and make for easy use and reference;  primarily textual with a fun text-based map
A two-in-one bargain

Lord of Chains

7 contributors
Concept:Rob a grave. Steal a blade. Kill the Lord of Chains.
Content: A Graven-Tosk digging, Sarkash roaming, Bastion storming, Shadow King’s prophecy averting point crawl. 
Writing: Energetic and near melodramatic plot sets the tone for a truly torturous adventure.
Art/design: Loud when it ought to be, quiet when it counts. Metal throughout.
Usability: Self-contained, shadowed, and bound in iron chains. 

Samson’s Dead, Where’s His Head?

Concept: “Find Randal in d8 rounds and return the head to Samson’s body before all the blood drains out and Samson’s protective magicks over Sarkash are lost.”
An adventure hook and stat blocks for a chase through Sarkash
Concise, unambiguous, and to the point
Well organized and cleanly laid out
GM will need to fill in incidentals, but the framework is there

The Beastlord Will Feast on Your Flesh

Concept: “The wild beastlord WENDIGO, the living heart of the woods, holds a potent, unshakeable hatred of you.”
Incorporates tons of community creations into a predator-prey scenario
Tables for conflicts, resolutions, and locations; lots of amusing one-liners
Solid choices of illustrations and graphics
Ergonomic in digital and print forms

The Death Ziggurat

Concept: “A cosmic necrocrawl at the end of time”
Pre-apocalyptic hexcrawl with random elements
Fairly elaborate with plenty of horrible imagery
Captures the mood, setting, and characters well
Fun and lethal;  separate player and GM maps are quite helpful

The God King

Concept: “He called himself ‘The THIRD Basilisk’.”
Content: A legend of one seriously pretentious bastard, and a possible origin story for the Dying World as we know it today.
Writing: A miserable little myth befitting a doomed and dying world.
Art/design: Some uppity reagent overshadowed by his own legend.
Usability: Introduce it to your players. Let them decide how true it is. 

The Lichen Knight of Sarkash

Concept: “You meet a strange knight in the wilderness and he dares you to cut off his head.”
A two-part encounter consisting of the initial challenge and the follow-up chapel crawl
Clear, readable prose with loot tables, location descriptions, and overview of the encounter structure
Typography and color delineate sections for easy use and reference
A straightforward but spirited adaptation of the medieval poetic plot

The Vermilion Throne

Concept: “Venture into the depths, recover the heart of the True King, and bring an end to the Shadow King's reign. Or fail, and bleed, and die.”
Content: A pulse pumping, blood-drenched, flesh crawl.
Writing: As consistent and efficient as the beating heart, without feeling too clinical.
Art/design: Accessible and fluid design which doesn’t clot alongside thematic illustrations which do.
Usability: A considered and effective table reference. 

This Forest Breathes

Concept: “Pulsing with green life, lit without sun, the secret to this sprawling wood lies within its lifeblood: somewhere, deep past crawling vines and scurrying creatures, is a pool, its crystal-clear waters holding the secret to life eternal.”
Content: A bizarre subterranean forest crawl
Predominantly textual and relies on the writing to convey the intended tone
A variety of layouts, some more traditional than others, and an array of typefaces all within a limited palette
Eternal life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be
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