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John Pachkowsky

Lord of Chains

7 contributors
Concept:Rob a grave. Steal a blade. Kill the Lord of Chains.
Content: A Graven-Tosk digging, Sarkash roaming, Bastion storming, Shadow King’s prophecy averting point crawl. 
Writing: Energetic and near melodramatic plot sets the tone for a truly torturous adventure.
Art/design: Loud when it ought to be, quiet when it counts. Metal throughout.
Usability: Self-contained, shadowed, and bound in iron chains. 


10 contributors
Concept: “Grab your bibs and bone saws you’re in for a treat….  ” 
Content: A filling 120-page harvest of human meat (and how to use it).
Writing: Sefl-indulgent self-injury, masticatory mutilation, and gratuitous gluttony. 
Art/design: Sharp sketches, gruesome graffiti, and a not-inconsiderable quantity of red.
Usability: Organized and occasionally explicit body horror abounds. You have been warned. 
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