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Droned Artwork


Concept: “Anthelia’s patience is growing thin…”
Content: A frigid cavern-crawl in search of color, with treasure the world is not prepared for.
Writing: A case of courtly intrigue, frigid madness, and death in service of Anthelia’s greed.
Art/design: Darkly desaturated imagery, a familiar split column dungeon layout, a with top down minimap and sidebars.
Usability: Organized as a series of encounters in a mini-campaign.


Concept: “A collection of the MOST DISGUSTING and terribly vile MONSTERS!” 
Content: Twenty of them, to be a little more specific.
Writing: Horrendously hilarious creations from tormented traditions. Malformed for the morbidly curious.
Art/design: Sharp points and serrated edges brutalize the darkly patterned forms of this miserable tome, contrasted occasionally by excruciatingly clinical white.
Usability: Richly stylized only where they know you’ll work for it. Legible everywhere it counts. 


10 contributors
Concept: “Grab your bibs and bone saws you’re in for a treat….  ” 
Content: A filling 120-page harvest of human meat (and how to use it).
Writing: Sefl-indulgent self-injury, masticatory mutilation, and gratuitous gluttony. 
Art/design: Sharp sketches, gruesome graffiti, and a not-inconsiderable quantity of red.
Usability: Organized and occasionally explicit body horror abounds. You have been warned. 


7 contributors
Concept: “These wetlands of acidic sludge and SVMPs of sickening secretion will, no doubt, fester upon your mortal coil - even your soul will not go untainted.”
Content: A wetlands setting complete with monsters, gods, scvm, and treasure.
Writing: As dark and rotten as DEADSKIN. With black humor creeping into its horror.
Art/design: A variety of filthy illustrations, in both style and substance. Bold headings contrast generally restrained body text. Adds neon green to the palette. 
Usability: Table of contents, categorized index, and navigable spreads. With an emphasis on clarity in the scenario and classes section. 

The Plagued Crypt of Helvete

6 contributors
Concept: “When a horrible plagued beast invades Galgenbeck, the party takes a bounty to seek out the source in the doomed forests of the north!”
Content: A plague-ridden, demon-driven bounty crawl.
Writing: A cinematic flair with a three-act structure, detailed boxed text, and staged set-piece encounters. A plague token mechanic produces both risk and “incentive” for scvm.
Art/design: A variety of visual styles with the notable addition of an introductory comic strip. 
Usability: A core two-column structure with consistent hierarchy aids in table reference. 
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