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Old Raging Barbarian


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Concept: “These wetlands of acidic sludge and SVMPs of sickening secretion will, no doubt, fester upon your mortal coil - even your soul will not go untainted.”
Content: A wetlands setting complete with monsters, gods, scvm, and treasure.
Writing: As dark and rotten as DEADSKIN. With black humor creeping into its horror.
Art/design: A variety of filthy illustrations, in both style and substance. Bold headings contrast generally restrained body text. Adds neon green to the palette. 
Usability: Table of contents, categorized index, and navigable spreads. With an emphasis on clarity in the scenario and classes section. 

The Death Race

Concept: “Crazy rules and setting for two parties challenging each other to a deadly race.”
Includes scenario seeds, gear, adversaries, and additional rules
Writing: A mix of flavor and mechanics; stylized as a retro videogame
Features a variety of expressive typefaces, textures with original illustrations
Includes a brochure version and printable play resources
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