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body modification

Basilica of the False Prophet

Concept: “THEM. A lunatic, convinced he is the one true, basilisk. Skulking in an abandoned church on the far side of the western mountain range, he rants and plots against HE and SHE.”
Content: A desperate descent. An unexpected plunge. A shattered hope?
Writing: Miserable and descriptive encounters, backed by elegant mechanics, make a narrative descent into madness.
Art/design: A masterful balance of utility, consistency, and style. Haunting yet austere illustrations and maps fill but do not dominate the pamphlet.
Usability: Pairs well with Western Wall (also by Rugose Kohn). 

Bolo Santizeli’s Prosthetics

Concept: “A strange merchant has come to sell prosthetic arms for those who are short-handed.”
An inventory of replacement appendages with unique benefits and drawbacks
Concise descriptions peppered with witty comments
Optimized for easy use without sacrificing character
Don’t forget to add to the Misery count to the roll result

Dungeoneer's Black Book

Concept: “Welcome to the Dungeoneer's Black Book, a collection of boggy holes and haunted cellars. No evening shall pass without the gruesome, ultimately inevitable death of a beloved character.”
Content: 16 dungeons in a disturbing array of contents and formats
Writing: A variety of adventures await you with their own unique styles. The only guarantee is misery.
Art/design: A engrossing (sometimes gross) exploration of dungeon layout and illustration.
Usability: With a variety of design formats, make sure to read your selected dungeon before the session.


Concept: “Sear these specific patterns into your flesh to please the gods.”
Ritual scarification that grants special abilities but alter characters’ capacities to speak or perceive truth
Clear, compelling descriptions that combine mechanical and qualitative effects
Arrangement and orientation of text figures the disorientation and fragmentation at the concept’s core
A creative way of granting some mechanical advantages and seriously augmenting character roleplay

Level 21: F L E S H

Concept: “The end is near, but to get there you must pass through a disgusting mess of flesh, blood, and bone to open the final door and see what awaits you.”
Content: A “fantastic voyage” through an inhuman body.
Writing: Literal body horror. You’re in a body, and it’s horrible.
Art/design: Fleshy maps, scratched out sketches, and hand lettered teeth bulk out an irregular two column layout.
Usability: Consistent visual hierarchy aids in navigation and reference. 

Mothman Penis

Concept: “It's a Penis! And, it's distracting.”
Content: Technically, it’s a strap-on.
Writing: Honestly, I wasn’t paying much attention. Have you seen the size of this thing?
Art/design: Design reminiscent of a prank pulled at a cryptozoology conference.
Usability: As a strap-on. Excellent conversation starter. Icebreaker at parties. 

Mud Future

Concept: “A science-fiction hellscape for MÖRK BORG, where the desperate folk try to survive as capitalism slowly destroys the world”
Includes alternate Miseries, gear, enemies, and rules for Powers
Tone is appropriately bitter with a subtle undertone of humor
Aesthetics are a luxury alien to your cyber-scvm
Content is organized into neat, self-contained categories


Concept: “23 new eyeballs. You know, in case you lose one and need a replacement.”
Ocular alternatives with a wide array of special features
Short and concise descriptions with grim character
Original illustrations of each eyeball in easy-to-use layouts and stylish designs
A clever, thematic alternative to generic rings, amulets, etc.

Ravaging Plague I: Rusted Iron, Words of Power

Concept: “Ravaging Plague aims to bring Mörk Borg and its extreme metal influences into further conversation.”
Extreme metal-inspired offerings across the board
Writing: Laden with metal-inspired imagery and themes
Brutalist text layouts balanced with organic, gritty graphics all presented in stark black & white
No table of contents or index, but layouts and different deployments of positive and negative space are good visual aids for navigation

She's So Unusual

Concept: “A collection of beasts, dangers, and encounters”
Incomplete; currently contains lore and rules for surgical grafts
Provides details on the Cult of Flesh and Sinew, their works, and some sample grafts
Traditional, straightforward single-column layout with incidental illustration
May cause infection


Concept: “Their husks litter the landscape, mountainous swirling shells that are all that remain of the titan snails. Now they serve as a refuge for the stray, the weary, and the weird - and as a lure for fools such as you”
Content: A massive slimy spiral snüngeon.
Writing: Captures the humble majesty of an extinct apex predator. 
Art/design: A comforting white and blue layout makes you want to slow down, grow some stalks, and savor the transformation.
Usability: Explore a snüngeon, make your own snüngeon, there are many titan snail shells left to explore. 

The Demon's Arse

Concept: “This is the legendary Demon’s Arse, rumored to be the home of unearthly creatures both demonic and dead. Who dares enter?”
Content: A smoky temple of torture and transformation.
Writing: Purposeful description lends a sense of vibrancy and life to the deranged proceedings of a heretical cult.
Art/design: Gorgeous map of the Demon’s Arse with a clean and clear sidebar column layout. Enhanced with background illustration and judicious use of color.
Usability: A few too many rooms to keep track of in a booklet. Print the map separately. 

The Melting

Concept: “The further you walk from the city, the stranger the land gets. All that salt in the air does things to the mind. Of late, people wandering the wilds around Grift are not returning.
Content: A haunted house dungeon with strong supernatural and body horror themes.
Writing: Effectively utilizes mechanics to reinforce descriptive horror elements.
Art/design: Distressed gritty zine aesthetic, playful use of sidebar layout, eclectic style with striking visual elements.
Usability: Useful mini map highlights for reference. Some horror elements require DM engagement to be most effective. Come to the table prepared. 

Within a Mile of Home

Concept: “Based on Flogging Molly’s Within A Mile of Home album”
A sailor class, nautical weapons, tattoos, shipbuilding and sailing rules, and a hexcrawl (hexsail?)
Clear, concise, and descriptive with some dramatic, creepy, and somber imagery
Primarily typographical for easy reference with some flavorful illustrations
Way easier than actually sailing; adventure includes PC- and GM-facing maps as well as links to content incorporated from external sources

This entry was sponsored by Bijan F. Zavareei as part of the Ex Libris RPG crowdfunding campaign.
“An incredibly entertaining hexcrawl that provides easy to use and engaging rules for nautical adventures. Absolutely fantastic content made with lots of love and care.”

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