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Bolo Santizeli’s Prosthetics

Concept: “A strange merchant has come to sell prosthetic arms for those who are short-handed.”
An inventory of replacement appendages with unique benefits and drawbacks
Concise descriptions peppered with witty comments
Optimized for easy use without sacrificing character
Don’t forget to add to the Misery count to the roll result


Concept: “A beast from the depths of a labyrinthine dungeon. Ambush predator evolved from mere ambush and mimicry. Rush delivery as standard.”
Killer kabinet
Witty and parodically minimalist
Clean, well-organized imitation of a product factsheet; very appropriate for the concept
Features adjustable shelving

Lord Sombrio’s Horse Lottery

Concept: “A business-card sized table to enrich your horse acquisition experience”
A table of four types of horses, each with its own practical features
Quick and descriptive
Stylized enough to add character but without hindering use at intended size
It fits on a business card, but it’s still easier to read when printed full-size

Omens Rule Reference Card

Concept: “a reference sheet for the optional omen rules for Mork Borg”
Content: Business card formatted Omen rules.
Writing: An essentially pragmatic summary of Omen mechanics.
 Art/design: Effective hierarchy draws attention to frequently referenced text. The weathered background and small illustration enhance rather than distract in the stylized version.
Usability: Available in stylized and printer-friendly formats. Both with legible reference text.

Rotback Sludge Battlemap

Concept: “A compact variation of the Mork Borg starter adventure, Rotback Sludge, using assets from 2 Minute Tabletop, totally free and Roll20 ready!”
Content: A Rotblack Sludge Battlemap.
Writing: Has a version which includes the rules reference.
Art/design: Lovingly detailed. Clear grid elements incorporated in manmade structures.
Usability: Full color, rules reference, and black and white versions available. Suitable for online or physical tabletop play.
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