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Crawling Death Below the Dying Forest

Concept: “Beneath the dying forest lies wealth beyond comprehension, magicks all-powerful, and ancient evils which must be stopped!”
A shifting abyssal dungeon crawl with cursed relics, virulent creations, cults, and deep roots.
Epic narrative in scope and scale. A truly impressive creature.
Vicious mixed-media art, earthy maps, and a MASSIVE 23-page table of 54 encounters with accompanying maps.
Generate abysms of varying size with the Atmar’s Cardography deck or dice. Supports 4 adventure themes. Connect them all into one labyrinthine abyssal sprawl.


Concept: “Get to the LAIR and convince Verhu to let you live through the end of the world.”
Content: A playable browser version of BASILISK!
Writing: Clear prompts supply plenty of options to kill your scvm.
Art/design: Simple grayscale map, character sheet on right, scrolling prompts beneath.
Usability: Keyboard & Mouse Control 

Fathomless Despair

Concept: “Death is the least of your concerns if you are foolish enough to visit this horrible and dark place. The air and soil are filled with the stench of undeath as a lingering evil makes its presence known to all who explore this desolate land.”
Content: A pocket map of the Valley of Unfortunate Undead. Complete with its creatures, and contents.
Writing: A historical account of the valley’s many ruins and follies, and a brief taxonomy of the undead they left behind. Intended to inspire not direct.
Art/design: Efficient grouping, color coding, and placement accommodate each aesthetic flourish. 
Usability: Can be folded to fit in your pocket. Designed to minimize flipping. Pre-record the creature stats to truly optimize your experience. 

Ravings from Skarhuld: The Lost Brother's Bestiary

Concept: “Seeking to expand their pastureland, herders at Sarkash’s edge demolished an ancient, ruined wall. Amidst its foundation stones, they discovered a bundle of papers wrapped in oilskin. Those pages described, among others, the horrors inhabiting myth-spun Skarhuld.”
Content: Skarhuld, maddeningly sketched in prose and random tables. Alongside 20 surreal and miserable monsters to inhabit the dying world.
Writing: Absurdist nightmare horror given text. Amusing, disturbing, and gripping in equal measure. 
Art/design: Cohesive, yet textured. With a familiar structure to the surreal elements.
Usability: Can literally be dropped into your anywhere in time or space. With easy to access tables, a visually engaging map, and navigation by art or table of context.

Rotback Sludge Battlemap

Concept: “A compact variation of the Mork Borg starter adventure, Rotback Sludge, using assets from 2 Minute Tabletop, totally free and Roll20 ready!”
Content: A Rotblack Sludge Battlemap.
Writing: Has a version which includes the rules reference.
Art/design: Lovingly detailed. Clear grid elements incorporated in manmade structures.
Usability: Full color, rules reference, and black and white versions available. Suitable for online or physical tabletop play.

Sölitary Crawl

Concept: “Adjust the DR, and start crawling!”
Content: An online dungeon map generator for games of Solitary Defilement or Basilisk!
Writing: Concise room prompts with adjectives, type, and contents for solo play.  Automated random encounter rolls are provided.
Art/design:  Simple and effective yellow map on black background, with clear visual aids for special room encounters.
Usability: Provides analog rules for Solitary Crawl. Appears optimized for Solitary Defilement mechanics, but is generally applicable to Mörk Borg. 

The Dying Lands

Concept: “play Mork Borg in a sandbox style”  
Content: A map and tables for scvm to hex-crawl their way across the dying lands
Writing: Leaves room for encounter tables, monsters, NPCs, and your own personal Miseries. Sometimes, it fills them in.
Art/Design Hex maps in rich yellow, black, and red.
Usability: Available as a variety of flexible layouts, with various levels of structure 


Concept: “If your name is Tim and you bought the physical version of A$$HOLE$ & ELBOWS in the last couple of weeks, SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS!” 
Content: A itinerant gang of devoted reverse pickpockets, and a map of where to search for them.
Writing: The writer is channeling personal experience.
Art/design: It could call out Tim more than it does honestly. 
Usability: Two PDFs. Completely fails at its core purpose, finding Tim. 
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