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digital games


Concept: “Get to the LAIR and convince Verhu to let you live through the end of the world.”
Content: A playable browser version of BASILISK!
Writing: Clear prompts supply plenty of options to kill your scvm.
Art/design: Simple grayscale map, character sheet on right, scrolling prompts beneath.
Usability: Keyboard & Mouse Control 

Hack, Duck, Pray

“A little browser game, inspired by quintessential Mörk Borg qualities: Math, Speed and the color Yellow.”

PAINFLAIL Combat Helper

Concept: “Take most of the dice-rolling out of PAINFLAIL and PAINFLAIL QUEST combat rounds!” 
Content: A combat manager web app for 4 scvm and up to 5 enemies or companions.
Writing: Presents the actions of each enemy clearly and concisely along with their roll.
Art/design: Lightly textured yellow. It’s PAINFLAIL-core.
Usability: Available to run directly from the page. 

Rotblack Sludge Mod for Solasta: Crown of the Magister

"Your locked in the Shadow King's putrid prison, scheduled for execution, but someone has kidnapped his son."

Sword of Hailstone

Concept: “As a lone barbarian wielding nothing but your trusty Zweihänder and a few morsels of salted fish, you traverse a dangerous tundra.”
A primarily app-based adventure game built on Mörk Borg mechanics
Entirely descriptive; mechanics are handled by the app
Pixelated depictions of Kergüs and its inhabitants
Physical copies and digital materials are available but not required to play
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