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Combat options for PCs


Concept: “Hey, kid—combat taking too long? Tired of the same ol’ crit/fumble effects? Then you need /hack.”
Content: A /hack of combat mechanics for Mörk Borg.
Writing: Both “faster” and “brutaler” mechanics that go straight to the hurting bits.
Art/design: Very clean, very yellow, reference sheet.
Usability: Protip – “dice explode” does not mean the dice become shrapnel. 

Bludgeon, Shatter and Pierce

Concept: “A variety of tools to use in combat and to make fights more interesting”
Variant rules for rolling weapons at character creation, a tiered weapons table, weapon characteristics (and restrictions for using them), and mechanics for weapon availability
Primarily instructional with some creative flourish in categorizing PC types
Readable body text with more stylistic typefaces for the headers; traditional and grunge highlighting help draw attention to section headings
Adds some complexity to weapons and combat but at a manageable level; good for groups seeking a little more tactical crunch 

Bonfire Bound

Concept: “Night has fallen in this once great land. Where eternal fires illuminated the great reign of the Lords, now only ashes and glowing embers remain.” 
Content: A souls-like setting with “undead player characters, dodging, parrying, backstabbing, invading phantoms and the looming threat of going hollow.”
Writing: Rules that place emphasis on equipment attributes and a risk-reward reaction system to abstract strategic gameplay.
Art/design: A two-columned structure with dark and opulently recolored prints.
Usability: A functional but ongoing work in progress. Still in development. 

d100 reasons you miss an attack

Concept: “A random table of silly and serious reasons why your players just missed an attack.”
See above
See entry 61 — “the enemy rips off their arm, and parries with it”
Classic three column layout with strong MBC aesthetics.
Usability: Easy to navigate list. Text small but legible. The reasons are only occasionally situational.

Defiling the profane

Concept: “No more rules light. Now, only heavy.”
Content: Rules for stamina, staggering, and action economy in Mörk Borg
Writing: Interlocking mechanics incorporate new strategies and tactics.
Art/design: Splashes and grit accentuate a clean two-column layout.
Usability: Headers and italics establish a consistent hierarchy for reference. 

Dual Wielding

Concept: “House ruling for dual wielding, simple and brutal”
Rules for attacking and defending with two weapons
Delivers mechanics pretty efficiently
Nice adaptation of public domain art to Mörk Borg aesthetic
“simple and brutal”

Fiery Joust

Concept: “A patch of scorched land... a dueling circle... reclaimed by local villagers but for much less dignified purposes.”
Content: Bare-Knuckle boxing for fun and profit.
Writing: Effective mechanics and engaging lore.
Art/design: Some poor scvm with a block of text for a head.
Usability: Great little downtime event to while away the Miseries. 

Fight Like Hell

Concept: “Even möre ways to get your face chewed off!”
Content: Grazing attacks, improvised weapons, combat maneuvers, environmental attacks.
Writing: Detailed rules with included combat examples.
Art/design: Gritty spot illustrations and crisp type over spraypainted plaster.
Usability: For those moments where diplomacy fails you. 

From Beyond the Endless Sea

Concept: “Cultists, Bloodhawks, secret island temples, wands channeling the Black Wind, loopy hippies, gnarly artifacts, zombified townsfolk, and the ability to loot your bosses' house - and much more - await you.”
Content: A frenzied mob is overtaking Grift, do something about it.
Writing: Deified mob violence unifies multiple sessions in Grift and provides a potential antagonist for long-term play.
Art/design: Design elements convey the compulsions of a waking god. Consistent use of public domain image backdrops.
Usability: Thoughtful design elements on a large-scale aid in utility and navigation. 

Glimpses of a Dying World

Concept: “Savage creatures lurk in the depths of forgotten crypts, incomprehensible relics lie waiting in the shadows of crumbling tombs, mystics argue incessantly trying to find a escape to the impending doom, and the powerful occupy themselves with vengeance.”
A sprawling offering of all things Mörk Borg
Captures the tone and atmosphere of the Dying World through the descriptive text as well as the character of the mechanics
Adapts the aesthetics and tactics of the core book with extensive use of modified public domain art
There’s something here for everyone

Last War: High.Devil.Iron.Horse.

Concept: “New content for scavengers of the endless trenches of Forbidden Psalm: The Last War” 
Content: Manuscripts, weapon mods, bayonets (and how to use them), four commanding mercenaries, and one hell of a train. 
Writing: Concise, orderly, and at times bizarre. Like the bureaucratic anarchy of war.
Art/design: Thomas the Tank Engine never looked so mean.
Usability: Requires Forbidden Psalm: The Last War 

Mass Combat and Extreme Cold

Concept: “A mini-zine of rules for Mörk Borg Published as part of the Chässe-Galerie zine”
Content: Rules for mass casualties and freezing to death.
Writing: Cold, calculated, and clear as ice.
Art/design: Print-Friendly rules reference, with blackletter headings, and a charming skeleton to indicate which part of your scvm is freezing.
Usability: Versatile OSR rules for allowing scvm to influence a large battle, and easy and practical rules  

Nasty, Brutish, & Short

Concept: “ripping open the guts of combat & letting the wet slop pour out. Most attacks miss. But every action should feel thrilling.”
Content: Optional combat systems for Mörk Borg. 
Writing: Tables to complicate misses, quantify trauma, and modify monsters. Mechanics expand crit/fumble ranges by sharing blood between storyteller and scvm.
Art/design: Surrealist AI art supplements public domain icons and illustrations in an eclectic style.
Usability: Three d66 tables span multiple pages. Can be distinguished from one another by changes in the background illustration. 

Odd Gob’s Rats

Concept: “Yearning for the secrets of man, Tar solicits in sewers and alleys. For those that intentionally provide falsehoods...” 
Content: “...their corpse is added to its mass.”
Writing: A hybrid mass of hideous monster and whispering information broker.
Art/design: Emphasis on the mass.
Usability: Includes separate creature illustration. 

PAINFLAIL Combat Helper

Concept: “Take most of the dice-rolling out of PAINFLAIL and PAINFLAIL QUEST combat rounds!” 
Content: A combat manager web app for 4 scvm and up to 5 enemies or companions.
Writing: Presents the actions of each enemy clearly and concisely along with their roll.
Art/design: Lightly textured yellow. It’s PAINFLAIL-core.
Usability: Available to run directly from the page. 
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