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Combat options for PCs

Suffering Extended

Concept: “Alternative rules and extended content”
Includes new options for starting equipment, companions, class-specific unarmed attacks, weapons, artifacts, armor, critical hit locations, bad habits, familiars, names, pack animals, minor items, and musical instruments
Captures the core book’s grim humor and tone
Strong Mörk Borg aesthetic; sets itself apart with blue that harkens back to the core rulebook
Well laid out; available in single page and spread versions for convenience

Sweet Revenge

Concept: “11 ways monsters hurt you for missing terribly. Use frequently to keep combat moving forward.”
A table of outcomes for missed attack rolls.
A spiteful but fair table which scales with the magnitude of your failure.
Bristling with armaments.
For the impatient masochist in all of us.

The Contender

Concept: “Having made your mark within the pugilism circuit in... you have decided to retire and become an adventurer (Scvm)” 
Content: A pugnacious pugilist with self-esteem issues.
Writing: You probably have a shady reputation, but you still dish out the old one-two.
Art/design: The classic, old-school, bare-knuckle boxer.
Usability: Easy to follow two-column structure. 

The Tight Grip

Concept: “You have been tasked with stealing an artifact from a forgotten temple for a collector of rarities... You have received a hint: ‘Follow the left hand, the left eye reveals the path.’” 
Content: A pot collecting, bounty escaping, possession crawl.
Writing: An entertaining mix of motivated factions in a situation that’s ready to spiral out of control. In short, a good night of Mörk Borg.
Art/design: Hazy sketches of cheerless figures and grisly horror occasionally sully an otherwise clean plaintext layout.
Usability: Black and white. Text separated from darker illustrations for ease of printing. 

The Tomb of Galien

Concept: “Venture into the tomb of the powerful warlock Galien in search of riches and arcane knowledge.”
Content: A warlock's tomb with a very “protective” familiar.
Writing: Puzzle design that anticipates flexibility and player agency when possible. Encounter design that incorporates complicating elements if the conflict drags out. 
Art/design: Subtle use of images to enhance the navigability and reference of the text. Strong back cover illustration of Gnash. 
Usability: Short, sweet, and referenceable adventure. 


Concept: “D66 complications when you miss an attack in MORK BORG.”
Content: A “response to Johan Nohr's twitter thread
Writing: An entertaining collection of cinematic events to keep a game moving, even when you whiff.
Art/design: A distressed, high contrast list format in black and white. 
Usability: Print friendly. Available in vertical and horizontal formats. 

「黒き衣の茶人」他2篇 (“Tea Master in Black Clothes” and 2 others)

Concept: “This scenario is a group of short scenarios for "Nobunaga's Black Castle". You can play three short stories in a row, which begin with the vision of Biwa Hoshi. All of them are momentary and ad hoc, full of death and violence.”
A cinematic adventure to fulfill the prophecy of Biwa Hoshi.
Story driven and combat heavy with a clear objective. Explores the choices you make to arrive at the black tea ceremony.
Art/design: Long adventure divided into three episodes with textual clues to aid in navigation.
Balanced for two scvm. NPC stats not included. Written in Japanese.
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