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Gölf Borg

Concept: “If the ball lands on any point of the hole tile, it goes in.” 
Content: Gölf, but with more corpses, arcane catastrophes, and razor-tooth gophers.
Writing: Some basic instructions, some practical tables, and some impractical (but entertaining) ones.
Art/design: Hexes, golf balls, and grit. 
Usability: Includes combat characteristics for golf clubs. 


Concept: “The dumbest sportsball game you can play!”
Content: Watch teams of five scvm wail away at each other. A ball is also involved.
Writing: A clean and functional ruleset for a chaotic death sport.
Art/design: Heavily stylized design elements and effective use of sparse illustration make for an engaging but functional rulebook.
Usability: Easy to reference, quick to play. You (probably) won't lose your head.

The Contender

Concept: “Having made your mark within the pugilism circuit in... you have decided to retire and become an adventurer (Scvm)” 
Content: A pugnacious pugilist with self-esteem issues.
Writing: You probably have a shady reputation, but you still dish out the old one-two.
Art/design: The classic, old-school, bare-knuckle boxer.
Usability: Easy to follow two-column structure. 
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